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The Beginning Of A Hopeful Journey Enter Viridian!
This series is written by me. Second episode of Zach's Kanto Journey.


Zach is walking with Bulbasaur, taking their time to get to Viridian City.

Zach: I'm so happy I chose you Bulbasaur! You're really strong!

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaaaaur.

Zach: I wonder what our first friend should be. There are lots of Pokemon around here.

A wild Pokemon that he doesn't recognize catches his eye. Zach walks slowly over, and sees that it's a Mankey.

Zach: Cool, a Mankey! But it looks strong. Maybe we should try to avoid it...

The Mankey spots them, and charges at Bulbasaur, unleashing a flurry of Fury Swipes, damaging Bulbasaur a lot.

Zach: Bulbasaur! Use Stun Spore!

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaur!

Stun Spore misses Mankey, and Mankey uses Karate Chop on Bulbasaur's bulb, and grips onto the bulb.

Zach: Oh no! Bulbasaur, use Stun Spore, again!

With Mankey being right on top of Bulbasaur, the Stun Spore hits, and paralyzes Mankey. Mankey jumps off, and starts to move sluggishly.

Zach: Now Bulbasaur, here's your chance! Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaur!

The Vine Whip knocks Mankey into a tree, and Mankey is barely conscious.

Zach: Go, Pokeball!

The Pokeball hits Mankey, pops open, and Mankey turns red, finally turning into a beam, being sucked into the Pokeball, and the Pokeball closes. The Pokeball makes three ding sounds, until it makes a hollow ringing sound.

Zach: We did it Bulbasaur! We caught our first friend!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Zach: Now, let's send him out!

Zach throws Mankey's Pokeball, and a blue beam comes out, and Mankey appears where the beam had taken shape.

Mankey: Mank, Mankey!!!

Zach: Calm down bu-

Mankey uses Karate Chop on Zach's stomach, causing Zach to fall backwards.

Zach: Gah!

Bulbasaur: Bulba! Bulba!

Mankey: Maankeyyy! Maankeeey!

Zach: Stop laughing! Return!

Zach shoots the red beam from the Pokeball at Mankey, sucking him back into the Pokeball.

Zach: Well, he'll learn to be friends. Let's go Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Together, Zach and Bulbasaur walk off towards Viridian City.