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Zach's Kanto Journey 
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy 
Creator: Estew 
Writer: Estew 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes: 42 
List of episodes: Zach's Kanto Journey Episode Guide 
Location: Kanto 
First run: The Beginning Of A Hopeful Journey 
First aired: March 22, 2013 
Last aired: N/A 
Preceded by: None 
Followed by: TBA 
Related: Adventures In Kanto
This is a series by me about a boy named Zachary Willsone, who wants to become the champion of the Kanto Region. He will encounter many friends, rivals, and Pokemon, on his quest to become the very best.


Zachary Willsone, mainly called Zach, is on a quest to conquer the Kanto League. He will meet friends, enemies, rivals, and many Pokemon! He'll bond with Pokemon, and see them in a way he has never before.


See: Zach's Kanto Journey Episode Guide



Zachary Willsone, Main Protagonist

Kevin Roberts, Zach's Partner


David Loche


New Team RocketEdit

  • Blake Willsone - Leader
  • Lt. Blite
  • Michael (TRG)
  • Michelle (TRG)
  • Anne (TRG)
  • Mark (TRG)


  • By mistake of the writer, Pokemon could originally use more than four moves.
  • The Indigo League, written roughly two years ago, has only started being uploaded as of 8/27/2016.