The next project I'm gonna be working on soon (I still have to do all 151 Peace and War Pokémon) is a game with much more strategy, a game where movement is needed.

Pokémon Tournament Team is a game where you control your very own team of Pokémon, each with their own set of abilities, while you traverse a world made out of square tiles, Watch out for Chilly Vanillites, Angry Persians, and adorable little Litwicks along the way.

But for now, we already developed our first Tournament Team fighter, the Pikachu!

Pikachus are basic Pokémon you can get in battle, their thundershocks can attack from eitherly ahead of one space or even infront of the opponent.

Another ability the Pikachu has is to power up when it doesn't attack when it's their turn.

Get powered up just right, and your Pikachu could defeat that Pokémon in one shot.

That power it has is too impossible to stop, what could they do to stop it?

Well, unless you have Geodude, that Pokémon resists Pikachu's thunderbolts incredibly well, Good Counter!


  • The Pikachu uses thundershocks from one space away, and can even attack at close range.
  • Pikachus will start to store up power when they didn't attack on their turn.
  • Releasing that power would give some incredible results, even defeating an Enemy in one turn.
  • Pikachus are weak to Geodudes and other Ground and Rock type Pokémon, as they can resist Thudershocks.

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