[SCENE]: ​Screen is black. It is silent. Suddenly, the noises of a crowd start fading in.

Voice: My name is Dakota Anzueto. I am 20 years old. And I am the Champion of Mixas.

 A bright light fills the screen, almost blinding. We open on an arena. In the stands are thousands of fans. On the field is a girl with a marowak in front of her, and a boy with a Delphox in front of him. The camera pans to the announcer's booth, and closes in on the announcer's mouth.

Announcer: And now, let the first battle of the 57th Annual Kalos Conference begin!

Another bright flash, and the camera pans to a young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's wearing a white t-shirt with an open blck jacket over it and jeans. Next to him is a woman in her early 30's. She has fair white skin, piercing blue eyes, and is wearing an elegant outfit.

Dakota: I am the youngest champion in history, just narrowly beating Red, who was 21. I am also champion of the newest region to be modernized with a league. Because of this, the IPA decided I needed to be, uh, prepared further. And Diantha invited me to co-host the Kalos Conference.

​The camera pans out of the stadium and continues to zoom out, until the enitre Kalos Region is visible.

Dakota: My stay in Kalos will hardly be a vacation. I'll face politics, prejudice, and pokemon, but I'll perservere.

​In big letters, the word CHAMPION is shown on the screen, which then fades to black.

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