Hey everyone. I'm making this blog post to let everyone know what i'm working on.

First of all, all of my series that i worked on (except for 1 which i'll get into later) when i was ACR are cancelled outright and i'm going to talk to Estew to get them deleted so that they don't clutter the wiki. My past work was horrible. My story writing is still rather bad, but it's way better now.

The one series i mentioned (which i'm bringing back) is Bloom the Cherrim. I'm also completely rewriting it so that it's a series that's purposely badly written and is self-aware. OmniDragon actually suggested i bring it back, and i realized it actually had potential.

My series called Triple Trainer Adventure is cancelled in favor of an untitled series along the lines of Zach's Kanto Journey by Estew. 3 characters are too hard to focus on for me and it's hard to write for.

My last series that i am actually undecided about is The Pokemon Cataclysm. I feel like it has potential, but i'm not sure if i should bring it back.

Let me know if you guys want to see Pokemon Cataclysm back or if i should scrap it for something else. And let me know if you guys like these desicions.

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