Ursula Rosetta is a character that appears in the Pokémon Tales franchise, debuting in Pokémon Tales: Wyatt. In the future, she will be a rival for Dawn Berlitz.

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Ursula has her anime appearance for her standard attire. She has pink hair with pigtails in a curl. She wears a light blue dress with a small white jacket, white stockings and blue shoes.

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Ursula is a noble from a rich family, just like Dawn Berlitz. She exhibits many of the traits that Dawn did in the beginning, being conceited, spoiled, and believing that everything will be given to her. She is rude to everyone and sees them as inferior. However, she does show respect to those who serve her, to an extent.

Ursula is not above playing dirty, using her power and influence to try and win in contests. When running into Dawn in a contest, she did everything possible to make her lose, including placing her own judge on the panel and hiring goons to abduct her. She relies on her status to prevent others from retaliating against her, and is startled and uncertain what to do when confronted.

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Egg → Eevee → Vaporeon
Egg → Eevee → Flareon

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Pokémon Tales: Wyatt Edit

Pokémon Tales: Dawn Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ursula is the same age as Dawn. She was 13 upon her debut.
  • While her persona is very similar to her anime counterpart, her backstory is changed to resemble Dawn's.
  • Ursula is the first main rival character intended for the main series of Pokémon Tales episodes to debut in a spin-off series.
  • Ursula's last name, Rosetta, is based off the Rosetta Stone. This is because Dawn's last name, Berlitz, is the name of a language education corporation.
  • Ursula has two catchphrases, one for the appeal round and one for the battle round of contests. Her appeal catchphrase is "Time to flash!" while her battle round catchphrase is "Dazzle and destroy!"