Ursula is a character that appears in the Pokémon Tales franchise, debuting in Pokémon Tales: Wyatt. In the future, she will be a rival for Dawn Berlitz.

Appearance Edit

Ursula has her anime appearance for her standard attire. She has pink hair with pigtails in a curl. She wears a light blue dress with a small white jacket, white stockings and blue shoes.

Character Edit

Not much is known of Ursula's character due to a limited appearance. However, she has exhibited a persona similar to Dawn's, implying that she comes from a rich family. She has an enhanced vocabulary and royal speech pattern, as well as a strong presence. She sees others as inferior to her, yet shows respect to those who serve her.

Pokémon Edit

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Appearances Edit

Pokémon Tales: Wyatt Edit

Pokémon Tales: Dawn Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ursula is the same age as Dawn. She was 13 upon her debut.
  • While her persona is very similar to her anime counterpart, she has a different backstory.
  • Ursula is the first main rival character intended for the main series of Pokémon Tales episodes to debut in a spin-off series.

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