Body Type Symbol
Abilities Levitate
Episode First Shown in The Spell Of The Unown
First Known Owner Dr. Yung
First Game Appeared in
Type Psychic
National Dex Number 201

Unown does not evolve.


Unown has 28 different shapes. 26 of them are letters, and there is ? (question mark) and ! (exclamation point). All of the forms however, are black, and they have a large white eye with a small black pupil.

Appearances Edit

Pokémon Tales Edit

  • Several Unown from the Ruins of Alph appeared in Vs. Unown.

Super Smash Bros: Battle! Edit

  • Several Unown appeared in Finding the Perfect Fit.
    • The Unown returned under the command of Tabuu in Subspace. They used Hidden Power to create the Subspace around the battlefield.


  • Hidden Power


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