TU Admin Meowy

His cuteness is not to be underestimated...

Meowy is one of Team Unglück's admins, along with Shinobu and the world wide hated Gary Oak.


Meowy is a male meowstic, he wears a black belt with Unglück's logo on it, along with a black and red glove on one arm with a yellow ring, and he uses stylish techno red glasses (Team Flare style) Much like Team Rocket's Meowth and some legendaries, he is able to talk.

In Pokemon Crimson, Indigo and VioletEdit

It is unknown how Meowy learned to talk, nor why he joined Team Unglück, but yeah. he is fought first in a solo fight at Unglück's HQ, and later alongside Shinobu in the lab hidden in the HQ, said lab was the development location to the Master Ball X.
10 Hours Champion Battle Music Extended - Pokemon X & Y

10 Hours Champion Battle Music Extended - Pokemon X & Y

Meowy's solo battle theme


  • Meowy is the first Pokemon opponent that you are fully unable to catch and is not randomly found at the wild (You can catch legendaries, which means they don't count)