Treelet is the Nature Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sappling and the final evolved form of Seedling.


Treelet looks scary. Its whole body is brown. It now has 11 large, brown legs that resemble roots. They now have several small spikes on all of them. It's body is a long, bent tree trunk, which eventually leads to its head. Its lower jaw is a broken piece of a log, with the broken part resembling sharp teeth. It's top jaw resembles a plank, with two green holes in the top which are its eyes. It has a bunch of brown, sharp and large grass on its head. Treelet's left arm is skinny at the top, but it turns into a large piece of wood with three fat fingers. It's right arm is completely skinny, with six long fingers. It has a ridge of brown spikes on its back. 


  • SolarBeam
  • Vine Whip
  • Muddy Water
  • Drain Punch
  • Frenzy Plant
  • Energy Ball
  • Horn Leech
  • Magical Leaf
  • Leaf Tornado
  • Venoshock
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Poison Jab
  • Ingrain
  • Mega Drain
  • Hyper Beam
  • Leaf Storm
  • Double-Edge
  • Aromageddon
  • Toxicgeddon

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