Tony Mann
Position Pokemon Trainer
Age 13
First Appearance The Journey Begins

Anthony "Tony" Mann is a supporting character in Adventures In Kanto, and Scott's rival. He is 13 years old.


Tony has black hair, usually covered in a backwards, black and red hat, a black shirt covered by a black jacket, black shorts, and red and white tennis shoes.


Tony is usually very rude to people, and always tries to catch the strongest Pokemon possible, no matter what. He doesn't care about what his Pokemon feel, he only catches them for their strength.


  • Boulder Badge- Won off-screen
  • Cascade Badge- Won off-screen
  • Thunder Badge- Won off-screen
  • Raindbow Badge- Won off-screen
  • Soul Badge- Won off-screen
  • Marsh Badge- Won off-screen
  • Volcano Badge- Won off-screen
  • Earth Badge- Won off-screen


  • Charizard - Given to by Professor Oak as a Charmander.


  • Tony bears a striking resemblance to Ethan, the male playable character in Pokemon Gold & Silver.

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