Body Type Quadrupedal Shark
Abilities Aqua Veil
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Water/Dark
National Dex Number B133
Tigshark is a Water/Dark type Pokemon. It does not evolve. Tigshark is native to the Biotri Region which first appears in the games Pokemon Bio Version and Pokemon Mecha Version. It is part of the Quadrapedal Sharks Trio, also known as the Quad-Shark Trio.


Tigshark has an orange, shark-like body. It has a tiger head, with small ears. It has 3 gills on each side of its head, and black stripes all over its body. It has 4 legs, and a small tail used for enemies that come up from behind. It also has an incredibly large fin on its back, to make itself appear larger than it is before it surfaces.




Lvl.0- Scratch, Tail Whip

Lvl.6- Bite

Lvl.8- Water Gun

Lvl.11- Aqua Jet

Lvl.14- Quick Attack

Lvl.18- Agility

Lvl.21- Dive

Lvl.27- Aqua Bomb

Lvl.31- Crunch

Lvl.36- Hydro Pump

Lvl.43-Hyper Beam

Lvl.48-Giga Impact

Lvl.73- Watergeddon

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