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The Toxic Tussle is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Adventures In Kanto.

Plot Edit

The story starts with Scott and Jill entering the Fuchsia Gym.

Scott: Finally!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Eevee: Eevee!

Jill: This place is quite interesting! it looks like an old-fasion japanese mansion!

Scott: Yeah! Now... Where is the Gym Leader!

Scott wonders around, and eventually finds a man with spiky, teal hair, doing yoga.

Scott: Um.. Excuse me! Are you the Gym Leader?

The man gets up and walks towards Scott.

Man: Yes. My name is Koga. 

Scott: Hi! I'm Scott.

Koga: You shouldn't inturupt my daily practices. Now, what do you want?

Scott: I'm here to challenge you, of course!

Koga: Mwahaha! A mere child dares to challenge me? The very idea of that makes me shiver with mirth!

Scott: That's cool! I don't know what that means, actually.

Jill: It means amusement.

Scott: Ah.

Koga: Now. Go away!

Scott: But I'm here to challenge you! And i WILL beat you!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Koga: Very well... I shall show you the power of ninja masters!

Koga sprints onto a battlefield. Scott and Jill follow him.

Scott: Well... He's cheerful. 

Scott stands on the opposite side of the battlefied.

Koga: Could you speed things up?

A woman with purple hair walks over to Scott.

Woman: Hi! I'm Janine. I am a referee in training. Please excuse my dad. He doesn't like being a Gym Leader all that much.

Scott: Koga is your dad?

Janine: Yeah. Well, I shouldn't keep him waiting. See you later.

Janine walks to the center.

Jill: I'll go sit down and watch. Good luck!

Scott: Thanks.

Jill sits down, near Janine.

Janine: This battle between Koga, the Gym Leader and Scott the-  Um..... Challenger.... Will now commence!

Koga: Golbat, I need your Poison!

Koga holds out a dirty Pokeball, and a white beam of light flashes out, eventually morphing into a Golbat.

Golbat: Gol, Golbat

Scott: Oh, a Golbat. I'm farmilar with those. I see lots of those on TV. Go, Octillery!

Scott releases his Octillery from its ball, and it lands in front of him, on the battlefield.

Octillery: Octo! Octillery!

Scott: Use Water Gun!

Octillery opens its mouth, and fires a blast of water at Golbat.

Koga; Dodge!

Golbat flies out of the way, and avoids the blast.

Koga: Sludge Bomb!

Golbat opens its mouth, and fires dark brown sludge at Octillery, and it explodes on impact.

Scott: Get up, Octilley!

Octillery pushes its eight tentacles up against the ground, and it pushes its self up.

Scott: Use Bullet Seed!!!

Several brown seeds rapidly shoot out of Octillery's mouth.

Koga: Dodge!

Golbat flaps its wings, and avoids many of the seeds, but the last four manage to hit the Pokemon in the left wing.

Scott: Good job!

Koga: Don't imagine you can beat me. Use, Air Cutter!

Koga rapidly flaps its wings, and it creates a strong gust of wind, and it slashes Octillery.

Octillery: Oct! 

Octillery falls on the ground.

Scott: Come on! You got this!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Eevee: Eeveee!

Koga: Haha! Use-

Scott: Octazooka! Now!

A large ball of water appears in front of Octillery's mouth. It blows, and a shining stream of water shoots out, and it covers Golbat, knocking it to the ground. The water slowly turns a orange color, then a bright red color, and it evaporates. 

Golbat: Gol...

Koga: What!? You can't lose to a kid! Get up now!

Scott: Get up Octillery!

Scott and Koga: Giga Impact!!

Both Bulbasaur and Golbat start charging toward each other, and become surrounded in orange by orange streaks.  The Pokemon collide, creating a big cloud of dust the covers the battlefied. 

Janine: I can't see!

Koga and Scott cough a couple times until the dust clears, revealing both Golbat, and Octillery, unconcious on the ground.

Janine: Um... I guess both Pokemon are unable to battle. 

Koga: That doesn't count as a win for you, little boy! 

Koga holds out Golbat's ball, and a red beam shoots out, and Golbat dissolves, and gets sucked into the object.

Koga: No way you can beat my second Pokemon! Go, Venomoth!

Koga throws a Pokeball into the air, and a Venomoth emerges from it.

Venomoth: Vvvv!

Scott: Then I choose-

Bulbasaur: Bulbas, saur!

Bulbasuar jumps away from Jill, and runs up to the battlefield. 

Koga: Use-.... No, you can't use Poison attacks... Hm... Use Psybeam!

Venonmoth's eyes start glowing red, and it releases a multicolored beam out of its eyes.

Scott: Dodge it!

Bulbasaur jumps out the of the way, but the beam still hits him.

Bulbasaur: Boo!

Scott: Don't let him do that to you! Use Razor Leaf!

Bulbasaur stands up straight, and launches several razor-sharp leaves out of its bulb, that scrape up Venomoth's face.

Venomoth: VEN!

Jill: Scott! I think you found Venomoth's weakness! Keep using Razor Leaf!

Scott: Okay! But the will be easier if I put it to sleep first! Sleep Powder!

Bulbasaur releases several spores out of its bulb, and they start floating toward Venomoth.

Koga: You can't out my Pokemon to sleep! Gust!

Venomoth flaps its wings, creating a powerful wind that blows the spores in the opposite direction.

Scott: Uh oh... Um.... Use... Razor Leaf!

Bulbasaur fires sharp leaves at the spores, that completely destroy the spores.

Koga: DODGE!

Venomoth tries to dodge the leaves, but the leaves totally cut up its wings.

Koga: What? Nooooo!

Janine: It looks like Venomoth is unable to battle. That means Scott is actually pretty good! ...And the winner! Scott is the winner!

Scott: YEAH!!! 

Scott lifts Bulbasaur into the air.

Koga: How could he have done that!? He cheated!

Janine: How do you cheat at a Pokemon battle!?

Scott walks over to Koga.

Scott: I'll take the Soul Badge, please!

Scott holds out his hand.

Koga: Fine. I guess you have proven your skills. Here! Take the stupid badge!

Koga takes a heart-shaped badge out of his pocket, and hands it to Scott.


Koga: What ever. I gotta practice Karate anyways.

Koga walks off, into a room.

Janine: Congrats, Scott!

Jill: Yeah! Congratulations!

Scott: Oh yeah! So... Where's the next gym? 

Jill: .....Really?


Jill: It's in Saffron City!

Scott: Lets go! Well... I guess we should go to a Pokemon Center first....

Scott runs to the nearest Pokemon Center, followed by Eevee and Bulbasaur.

Jill: That boy and his gyms. Well, bye Janine!

Janine: Bye! Hope to see you againt!

Jill: Me too!


Pug thought of the title.

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