Terria is a region in the fanworld, comprising of a large mainland, and several islands around it. Terria is located towards the equator, surrounded by ocean.

Etymology and Design conceptEdit

The name 'Terria' derives from the word 'Terra', meaning "earth or land", referencing Zentriax, the rock-type legendary who created the region.

The mainland (and Denzoku Island) are based on the Japanese region, ChubuArkeridas Island isn't based on anything, simply designed by PhotonCommander10Mount Zentriax is based on Mt Fuji, which itself is in the Chubu region.


Terria Map

A map of Terria

Thousands of years ago, Dialga and Palkia came across a massive ocean and used it to create two sets of legendaries, the Zoku Duo and the Guardian Legend Trio. The Guardian Legends created the Terria region together, each playing their own part in the formation of the land.

Along with this, the mighty Arkeridas created a large number of new Pokemon species, then ordered Zentriax, the rock legendary, to create stone paths, to allow Pokemon from other regions to enter Terria. The stone paths shifted, allowing Pokemon to reach Terria in minutes, rather than the months it would take to walk it. Zentriax also created links between Benya and other regions, as the trio had helped in the creation of the islands.

Once humans began to colonise the region, the legendaries chose to go into hibernation, creating cubes that upon entering the respective temple, would summon the scattered essence of the legendary belonging to that temple. The trio each chose a human to be entrusted with their cube. Two boys and a girl, all three friends with Pokemon. They hid the cubes away, so that the Guardian Legends would remain safe until a time when they are needed. The trio used their power to tear apart their physical form, becoming mere energy, which fused with the stone walls.

Present dayEdit


Cities, routes and other locationsEdit

Cities and TownsEdit

Ciy/Town Name Description
Alexandrite Town Located on Arkeridas Island, it is known for being next to Mount Ark, on top of which is the Temple of Arkeridas.
Malachite City Famous for being home to the world's first Dark Gym. It is filled with some of the regions tallest skyscrapers.
Amazonite Town Home to the Ice Gym, Amazonite Town is below a wind current convergence point, making it cold most months of the year.
Sandstone Town Alongside Nightfall City, it is one of the only towns/cities in Terria to not be named after a gemstone. It is located in the Sandaroo Desert, which is named after its most abundant Pokemon.
Obsidian City The streets are lined with black, glass pillars that light up at nights, creating a magnificent spectacle that attracts tourists worldwide.
Aventurite City It is a city similar to the real world Venice, with canals all through it. It is known for being the home of the Psychic Gym Leader, Samuel, who attracts fangirls from all across the region.
Quartz Town Location of the Flying Gym, and the Terria airport terminal. 
Goshenite City All the buildings have dark grey, metal walls, making the city look dark. It houses the Steel Gym.
Sapphire City Electric Gym. Martial arts is a big obsession, with three dojos located in the city. The three dojos have regular competitions, however they remain friendly.
Emerald City A city that stands on platforms above the ground, raised by massive metal poles. The official gym is the Dragon Gym.
Iolite Town The final gym of the Terria League, Poison. It is the sister town to Aventurite, the gym leaders of each being twins.
Topaz City The final city before Victory Road. It's population are entirely Pokemon Trainers, several of whom have defeated the Champion at some point.
Calcite Town The only town/city on Denzoku island in the north. It has an annual celebration of Denzoku's lightning bolts, which are said to bring good luck.
Peridot Town Accessible only by boat from the west side of Arkeridas Island. Peridot town is known for its diverse marine life living in the ponds and the ocean it lies next to.
Diamond Town A small town in the North-West of Terria
Nightfall City The region's largest city, and the centre of the Terria entertainment business. It was the first area to be populated, and the first city to be established, 2067 years prior to Pokemon Nightfall.

Other locationsEdit

  • Temples of the Legends
    • Temple of Arkeridas - Located on Mt. Ark, the temple has carvings of dragon-type Pokemon from various regions. As well as being the location of Arkeridas' scattered essence, it also has an entrance to a cavern inside the mountain where a colony of Axew (and its' evolutions) lives.
    • Temple of Zentriax - In the side of Mt. Zentriax, it is covered (inside and out) in carvings of rock Pokemon. It has entrance into a series of tunnels where various rock Pokemon live.
    • Temple of Aqabis - Access is only available through a cave on a small island at the centre of Lake Aqabis. The caves leading to the temple are damp, with pools of water all through, as well as water-type Pokemon.
  • Sandaroo Desert - Named after it's most abundant species, Sandaroo Desert is the only natural desert in Terria. It is also the location of Sandstone Town. Sandaroo Desert is on the east side of Amazonite Town.
  • Terria Springs - A number of lava pools west of Amazonite Town. It has a number of machines that use magnetism to keep the lava levels even. It is visited a lot by citizens of Amazonite Town due to the temperature of the town.
  • Lakes
    • Lake Aqabis - Named after the water dragon, who's temple resides in the lake. It is the largest lake in the region, being larger than even the biggest city, Nightfall City. The lake also happens to be just north of Nightfall City.
    • Lake Korius - Named after an insane Emperor from 2000 years prior to the events of Pokemon Nightfall. The lake lies south of Diamond Town, and just north of the Sandaroo Desert.
    • Lake Pollywave - The only known location of the Pokemon, Pollywave. It is the only lake suitable for the species. However, as an Aquibian, they leave the lake and spread across the region.
    • Lake Iolite - West of Iolite Town, it is a refuge for poison-type Pokemon.


Terria LeagueEdit

Platinum AllianceEdit

A mini-league in Nightfall City that acts as a sort-of practise test for the Elite Four. The entrances to the four Chambers are hidden, and trainers have to find them.

Name Type Specialty
Kai Water
Rusty Steel
Drake Dragon
Grayson Grass

Gym LeadersEdit

Name Type Specialty Town/City
Shad Dark Malachite City
Glace Ice Amazonite Town
Samuel Psychic Aventurite City
Skyler Flying Quarts Town
Titanius Steel Goshenite City
Joe Electric Sapphire City
Raiga Dragon Emerald City
Samantha Poison Iolite Town

Kinzokurai Chasm LeagueEdit

Elite Four

Name Type Specialty
River Water
Lucius Fighting
Keeroy Bug
Ashton Fire
Fletcher Various


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