Body Type Jellyfish
Abilities Clear Body and Liquid Ooze
Episode First Shown in Tentacool and Tentacruel
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Water/Poison
National Dex Number 072
Tentacool is a Jellyfish Pokemon. Tentacool evolves into Tentacruel starting at level 30. It can posses other Pokemon when it touches them with it's tentacles.


Tentacool has a light blue body, with two large, transparent red crystals on each side of its body, and a smaller one in the middle. It has two brown tentacles, and two small eyes.


Adventures In KantoEdit

Several wild Tentacool appeared in Charred Courage.

Multiple wild Tentacool also appeared in 200 Feet Under The Sea.

Zach's Kanto JourneyEdit

Several sick wild Tentacool appeared in PokeReserve!

Pokémon TalesEdit

The Legend of Spinarak-Man Edit


  • Poison Sting
  • Supersonic
  • Constrict
  • Acid
  • Toxic Spikes
  • BubbleBeam
  • Wrap
  • Acid Spray
  • Barrier
  • Water Pulse
  • Poison Jab
  • Screech
  • Hex
  • Hydro Pump
  • Sludge Wave
  • Wring Out