Body Type Bull
Abilities Intimidate
Episode First Shown in The Flame Pokémon-athon
First Known Owner Ash
First Game Appeared in
Type Normal
National Dex Number 128

Tauros is not known to evolve into any Pokemon. However, In Intimas it is an evolved form of Moobebe.


Tauros are covered in light-brown fur, with a thick darker brown mane around the neck. Their nose is also dark brown. They have a pair of curved, gray horns on top of their head, and three silver studs on their forehead. Each of their three black tails has a tuff of fur on the end. They have gray hooves.


Adventures In KantoEdit

Zach's Kanto JourneyEdit

Pokémon TalesEdit


  • Tackle
  • Tail Whip
  • Rage
  • Horn Attack
  • Scary Face
  • Pursuit
  • Rest
  • Payback
  • Work Up
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Take Down
  • Swagger
  • Thrash
  • Giga Impact

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