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Kanji 武し
Messier Code Will try anything twice.
Birthdate January 69
Age 10
Height Short
Weight Fat
Gender Gay
Blood Type AIDS

Takeshit is a mysterious pokemon trainer rumored to be one of the strongest in the world. No one is truly sure if this is true or not, but it is clear that he is fucking retarded i mean who the fuck has only 4 pokemon and half of them have neutral natures. Half of his team can easly be countered by a Water/Ice type. His starter pokemon was a Cyndaquil, which has since evolved into a potato.


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Takeshit has light brown skin and blackish brown, semi-long hair and brown eyes. He carries an expression of calm, world-wearyness, which at times reveals more about his character than his words. He wears a simple t-shirt and some black pants, preferring simplicity when it comes to what he wears. His ensemble has also included a black trench coat and a backpack when travelling.

Personality and Traits

Takeshit is an intelligent, introverted being who can come off as either distant and detatched, or warm and welcoming. Analytical, incontinent, and at times heterosexual, he is incapable of thought and action. He doesn't give his trust to everyone, and those who don't qualify may find themselves ignored or sharply criticized at some point. He enjoys freedom, and has a vast (gender) curiosity that has stayed with him for a long time.


Description Tsukiko (月子 lit. moon child) was first met as a Dratini at level 10 in a Blue Lake. She eventually evolves into a Dragonair and then a Dragonite after many battles. Tsukiko is female, currently at level 91, and has a bashful nature.
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Description Tenchi (天地 lit. nature) was originally hatched as an Eevee, along with her sister, Hikari. After a journey through Eterna Forest, she evolved into a Leafeon. Tenchi is female, currently at level 71, and has a hardy nature.

{{TrainerPoké |name=Hikari |image=Hikari |description=Hikari (光 lit. light) was originally hatched as an Eevee along with Tenchi, her sister. After a journey through the snowy Route 217, she evolved into Glaceon. Hikari is female, currently at level 64, and has a bashful nature. Raped by Takeshi in episode 122.

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