is the region of Pokemon Navy and Crimson.


  • Newbuck Town - The Player's home town. North is Gracidea.
  • Gracidea City - A town filed with flowers all over.
  • Stranger Sea - A giant ocean that acts as a giant bay. The known exits are: Gracidea City, Port Torrent, Redwood Harbor
  • Volcano Island - Head island south of Stomria. No entrance unless have all 8 badges.
  • Fissure Island - An island west of Volcano Island. Constantly breaks apart. No entrance unless all 8 badges.
  • Hurricane Eye - A tiny island that moves. No entrance unless all 8 badges.
  • Redwood Harbor - The Professor's home town. Is next to the Redwood University. Has an obedience school, a Trainer house, and a few other things.
  • Redwood University - TBA
  • Port Torrent - Giant harbor on the other side of Stranger Sea. 
  • The Shacks - The poor, poor district of Stomria. South of the Giant Dump, west of Port Torrent.
  • Huge Jungle- Jungle west of The Shacks.
  • Steel City - Second largest city. Started as mine.West to Huge Jungle.
  • Steel Mine - Mine on the side of Mt. Dino. At the end is the portal to the Dino World.
  • Mt. Dino - One of the mountains in the Violin Mountain Chain.
  • Guitar Town - At the top of Mt. Harp.
  • Mt. Harp - One of the mountains of the Violin Mountain Chain.
  • The Underneath - A town between Future City and Steel City. Very dark.
  • Pokemon Carnival - A carnival by Teletown.
  • Teletown - A town protected by Psychic Pokemon and can only be accessed by diving and going into the sewer system of Steel City.
  • Glacier River - A giant river that comes up from Stranger Sea. Is filled with glaciers.
  • Frozen Northlands - Giant city made of ice. Has portal to Ice Age World.
  • Future Wasteland - A portal in the middle of Stranger Sea sends you to the future which is wrecked.
  • Future City - Largest city. There is no way to navigate through it without the Map of Future.
  • Area 151 - An area in Future Desert.
  • Nuclear Powers - Nuclear base in Future Desert deadly close to Future City.
  • Future Desert - A giant desert.
  • Colloseum - A giant island where the Pokemon League is held.


  • It was named after the three legends of disaster that call the region home, Solargon, Teragon, and Psygon.

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