Body Type fox / wolf / cat / thing-a-majiger
Abilities Ghostly howl
Episode First Shown in
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Ghost
National Dex Number
Spiriteon is an Eeveelution, it evolves from Eevee if said Eevee faints during battle while a ghost type is in the party (Insert bland explanation on how this is an allusion to death, the reaper and all that shiz here) it is a ghost type and is known as the Undead Pokemon (insert more boring and pointless explaning here)


Spiriteon is a skeleton, it's lower jaw and mane, along with other parts, are made out of a dark purple aura. It has blue pupils in their empty eye sockets, how he's able to see with no eyeballs is beyond my possible Fakemon creator knowledge.


Pokemon Crimson:"It's said that Eevees buried at the Pokemon Tower or at Gruft Town are bound to soon become Spiriteons"

Pokemon Indigo:"Spiriteons often possess plushies to have fun with friendly children, but that friendly method can backfire if the child is mean and constantly misbehaves"

Pokemon Violet:"This Pokemon does not like being seen during the day, the reason to that cannot be easily pin pointed"

Name OriginEdit

Obvious mixture of "Spirit" and "eon" (the Eeveelution "sulfix") BOOM Here's your McBasic Shenanigans

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