Pokemon: Solid is the 11th Generation in Pokemon, equivilant to Pokemon: Liquid. It is in Shorpulio. The mascot is Rockeo. The gym leaders are:

1: Pachuna CityJoperty, Normal.

2: Bachon CityBurpedy, Bug

3: Fameus TownPlame, Fire

4: Grako TownLeefius, Grass

5: Fisht CityWaquario, Water

6: Darpi CityFantum, Ghost

7: Drago CityPowerus, Dragon

8: Grouper CityLandus, Ground

Elite Four are:

1. Shepard, Grass

2. Rocky, Rock

3. Ike, Ice

4. Muff, Fire

The Champion is: 

Bloss, Miscellaneous.

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