Body Type Snail
Abilities Sap Sipper
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner
First Game Appeared in
Type Grass/Bug
National Dex Number B035
Slugile is a Grass/Bug-type Pokemon. Slugile evolves into Herbslug at level 22. Slugile is native to the Biotri Region, and first appears in the games Pokemon Bio Version and Pokemon Mecha Version.


Slugile appears to be a snail, but the shell is actually a container of liquid fertilizer. It has a lime-green body, and yellow-green slime.




Lvl.0- Tackle, Withdraw

Lvl.6- String Shot

Lvl.12- Bug Bite

Lvl.15- Bullet Seed

Lvl.19- Razor Leaf

Lvl.23- Leech Seed

PokeDex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Slugile tend to be found in very lush forests, or in great farms, due to their fertile slime helping the plants.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Typically found in lush forest and prospering farms, their fertile slimes help out the plants and crops.

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