Body Type Snake
Abilities Torrent


Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner N/A
First Game Appeared in
Type Water
National Dex Number B007
Sleether is a Water-type Pokemon. It evolves into Hydrosnake at level 16, and then into Serparine at level 32. It is native to the Biotri region, which first appears in the games Pokemon Bio Version and Pokemon Mecha Version. It is the Water-type starter for Biotri.


Sleether looks like a blue snake, with a fin on the top of his head. He has yellow eyes, and slightly lighter blue stripes throughout his body.




Lvl.0- Tackle, Growl

Lvl.7- Water Gun

Lvl.11- Bite

Lvl.14- Hydrate

Lvl.17- Soak

Lvl.21- Headbutt

Lvl.27- Coil

Lvl.38- Aqua Bomb

Pokedex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Sleether likes to reside in coral reefs, and often eats the coral itself. It occasionally grows a second spike on its head.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Sleether always likes to live near coral reefs, and has a diet of coral and small fish. Sometimes there is a second spike on its head.



Shiny Sleether

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