Body Type Steel bird
Abilities Keen Eye/Sturdy Weak Armor (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Hot Matches!
First Known Owner Miki
First Game Appeared in
Type Steel/Flying
National Dex Number 227

Skarmory is the dual Steel/Flying type. It is not to evolve from or to anything. 


Skarmory appears to have the body of a large bird. It has a large beak, with a single horn on the top of its head. It has a large mouth below its beak, and a medium-sized neck, which is a dark-gray with small black stripes. It has a rounded body, with two legs at the bottom, each ankle being dark-gray with small black stripes. It has three claws on each foot. It has a small sharp, dark- gray tail. Its wings are mostly metal, with red feathers. Its entire body, besides the eye, claws, and feathers, is covered in metal.


Katthryn's AwakeningEdit

Owen's Johto JourneysEdit

  • Jasmine has one. She often uses it to fly to Owen and help him on his journey.

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Leer
  • Peck
  • Sand Attack
  • Swift
  • Agility 
  • Fury Attack
  • Air Cutter
  • Steel Wing
  • Spikes
  • Metal Sound