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Silver is a rival character that appears in the Pokémon Tales series, first debuting in Pokémon Tales: Brendan.

History Edit

Not much is yet known about Silver's past. He first meets Ian when Ian finds him battling another trainer, and wants to battle the tough looking trainer. Silver thought the battle was a waste of time, but went along with it due to Ian's provoking him. Silver doesn't give his name during this time, but he drops a glove during the battle, which has his name etched into it.

Ian makes an assumption, based on Silver's personality, name, and Pokémon, that he is the brother of Cobalt, a higher up in Team Rocket. It was later proved to be correct, Silver being his younger brother. Silver, as a young child, was given a Cubone as his starter, expected to battle his brother for a spot in Team Rocket. After losing, he was neglected and eventually disowned.

He reveals that he tried to battle Cobalt at the incident at Indigo Plateau at Team Rocket's attack. Cobalt overpowers him easily and escapes. This creates a rivalry, for both Silver and Marowak, to defeat all other Marowak. Silver reveals his past to Ian due to recognizing his strength, which Cobalt also recognizes and respects.

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Pokémon Tales: Brendan Edit

Pokémon Tales: Dawn Edit

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Hoenn Region Edit

Kanto Region Edit

  • at least 8

Sinnoh Region Edit

Pokémon Leagues Edit

  • Ever Grande Conference: Top 8
  • Indigo Conference: Top 16

Hearthome Tag Team Contest Edit

  • Runner up (with Dawn)

Trivia Edit

  • Silver's character is based on a combination of his game counterpart and his Pokémon Adventures counterpart.
  • Silver's Marowak is his signature Pokémon, which will become more important in his later appearances.
  • Silver's glove having his name on it is based off his character from the Pokémon Adventures manga.
  • Before his name was introduced, he was referred to as ???, like he is in Pokémon Gold and Silver.
  • Cobalt and Silver being brothers is based off me wanting Cobalt to be a son of Giovanni, and Silver being confirmed to be Giovanni's son.
  • Many of Silver's Pokémon are Pokémon used by Team Rocket, such as Marowak, Golbat and Cloyster.
  • Silver is the same age as Ian, and two years younger than Cobalt. He was 13 upon his debut. As of his most recent appearance, he is 15 years old.