Scott & Zach: Trainers Together is a crossover movie of Adventures In Kanto and Zach's Kanto Journey. By: Scooter and Estew.


Scott, a 10 year old boy, and his best friend Jill, are entering a Pokemon center in the small city of Fuchsia. 

Scott: Time to heal up my hard working Pokemon!

Scott throws up his Eevee in the air, and catches her on the way down. Scott bends down and pets his Bulbasaur.

Jill: Yep! You have a Gym Battle soon!

Scott walks over to Nurse Joy.

Scott: Hiya Joy! Can you heal my Pokemon?

Nurse Joy: Of course!

Scott hands the Nurse his Pokeballs and Scott and Jill walk over to couch, and sit down.

Nurse Joy: Wait... Your Scott, right? Scott Bombilla?

Scott: Yeah. why?

Nurse Joy: Earlier today, somebody called for you.

Scott: Really? For me? Who was it?

Nurse Joy: Someone named.... Melody Bombilla.

Scott: That's my mom!

Scott runs to the phone in the corner of the room, and dials his mom's number.

Zach, a 15 year old boy, and his partner Kevin, are stretching their limbs outside of a different Pokemon Center.

Zach: That was a good rest! How do you feel Bulbasaur?

Bulbasaur: Bulba bulba!

Kevin: I feel great too!

Zach: Well, Vermillion is a pretty cool place. I should probably take on the Gym Leader... but I'll train more, to guarantee victory!

Kevin: Yeah, I'll train too!

Zach: Let's go spar!

Kevin and Zach walk off to a small field right outside of Vermillion, and get ready to fight.

Scott is talking to his mom through a video phone thing or however Ash usually contacts Prof. Oak with videos.  

Scott: Mom?

Melody: Oh it's my little Scotty!

Scott: Momm! Don't call me that!

Melody: Sorry. I was calling to- AAWWW! Is that your Bulbasaur? It's so cute!

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur?

Melody: Oh, and that Eevee!

Scott's face turns bright red.

Scott: Mom!! Cut it out!

Melody: Okay, Okay, I'm sorry.

Scott: So... Why did you call me?

Melody: Oh, right. I called you to ask if you could come back home for a little while.

Scott: Why?

Melody: Well... I haven't seen you in a while! And your sister hardly visits..

Melody starts pretending to cry.

Scott: Aw Mom. Of course I can visit you.

Melody: Great! 

Melody ends the conversation.

Jill: We better get going! Pallet Town is a long way away!

Scott: Yeah!

Zach and Kevin are sparring, Mankey VS Pidgey.

Zach: Okay Mankey! Use Karate Chop!

Kevin: Dodge, and use Peck!

Pidgey flies upward as Mankey uses Karate Chop, effectively dodging the move. Pidgey then flies down, and pecks Mankey rapidly.

Zach: You're getting better! But not good enough! Now, Karate Chop, again!

Kevin: Dodge it!

Mankey: Maaaan...KEEEEEY!

Mankey lands a direct hit, right on Pidgey's stomach, and knocks it out.

Pidgey: Pidgeeeee...

Scott and Jill arrive in Vermillion City.

Scott: So, Vermillion City. The City where I defeated Lt. Surge!

Jill:  See that big ship?

Jill points to a large, cruise ship.

Scott: Woah! It's cool!

Jill: That's a luxury cruise liner called the S.S.Anne. I used to travel to Johto in the ship.

Scott: Sweet!

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Scott: Yeah, Bulbasaur?

Scott's Bulbasaur runs up ahead, and ditches Scott.

Scott: Where are you going?

Eevee: Eevee?

Scott chases after his Bulbasaur.

Jill: That boy is a handfull.

Jill starts chasing after Scott.

Scott: Bulbasaur? Where are you going? 

Scott's Bulbasaur approaches two young trainers who are having a Pokemon battle.

Bulbasaur: Bulba?

Scott finally catches up to Bulbasaur.

Scott: What is it?

Scott looks up and see's a boy about his age using a Pidgey to battle against a boy about 16 or so and his Mankey battling.

Scott: Cool! Just like on TV!

Zach: So, Kevin, wanna get something to eat?

Kevin: Sure!

Zach's Bulbasaur suddenly runs off.

Zach: Bulbasaur, what are you doing!? Wait up!

Kevin: I'm coming!

Zach and Kevin run after Bulbasaur, and finally catch up to it when it stops in front of another Bulbasaur.

Zach: B..bulba...saur... what's going... on?

Kevin: Whoa, a wild Bulbasaur!

Zach then spots a kid who looks about 10, and a girl about the same age.

Zach: Hey! This your Bulbasaur?

Scott: Hey! Yeah, it is! Thank you. I was just watching you two battle!

Kevin: Cool! I er... totally lost.

Scott: My name is Scott, who are you two?

Zach: My name is Zachary Willsone. Most people call me Zach.

Kevin: My name is Kevin Roberts, nice to meet someone my own age! And who's this pretty lady?

Jill: Why hello! My name is Jill Naneoh. Pleased to meet you!

Scott: And I'm Scott Bombilla, and this is my partner Bulbasaur.

Scott picks up his Bulbasar.

Scott: And my adorable Eevee!

Eevee rubs up against Zach's leg.

Zach: Aw, that's such a cute Eevee. This is my Partner, Bulbasaur. And these are my Pokemon!

Zach throws out Mankey, Poliwag, and Scyther. Kevin gives a flower to Jill.

Kevin: You're pretty... Oh, and this is my partner, Rattata! And my other Pokemon, Pidgey and Caterpie!

Kevin sends out Caterpie and Rattata.

Jill blushes.

Jill: Thank you! 

Jill smells the flower.

Jill: Lovely!

Scott: Your Pokemon look pretty tough.... But not as tough as MY POKEMON!

Scott sends out his Squirtle, his Abra, and his Octillery.

Jill: Aw! 

Jill picks up Kevin's Rattata.

Kevin: Heh heh...

Zach: Whoa, cool Pokemon! What happened to that Squirtle's shell? And what's that Pokemon?

Zach points at the Octillery.

Scott: That's an Octillery from the Johto region! I know right, so cool. I found him randomly in the wild and I knew it was rare in Kanto so I caught it.

Jill: No, that's not how he got it.

Scott:  She doesn't know what she's talking about. And my Squirtle was injured before it hatched, that's why it is much smaller then other Squirtles and it has an injured shell.

Squirtle is sleeping.

Zach: You know, I have this really weird feeling you're lying about the Octillery thing. But I believe the Johto part.

Kevin: Heh.. huh? Oh, uh, yeah. What he said.

Zach looks at him kind of confused, then just looks back at Scott.

Scott: We should have a Pokemon Battle!

Zach: Yeah!

Kevin: That seems like it would be a good match to watch.

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Scott: Yay!

Jill: Alright!

Scott: Let's do this! I'll start out with my Bulbasaur.

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulba, Bulbasaur!

Zach: I think I'll use my Bulbasaur!

Kevin: Sweet! I'm gonna go get something REAAAAAL quick.

Kevin dashes off down into a shop.

Zach: Uh... okay then. Let's battle!

Jill sits down and the rest of Scott's Pokemon sit next to her.

Scott: Bulbasaur, use Energy Ball!!!

Zach: Bulbasaur, dodge it and use Stun Spore!

Bulbasaur narrowly dodges it, and releases a stream of spores.

Scott: Hm..... Counter it with PoisonPowder!

Jill: That can't work!

Scott's Bulbasaur releases a wave of purple powder that collides with the spores.

Zach: Seems like it could work! Now, use Razor Leaf!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba...SAURRRR!

Zach's Bulbasaur unleashes a flurry of leaves. Kevin suddenly appears, out of breath, with flowers in his hand.

Kevin: These.. are for... you... Jill...

Jill: For me? 

Jill takes the flowers.

Jill: Thank you, Kevin!

Scott: Counter the Razor Leaf attack with Energy Ball!

Bulbasaur fires a Energy Ball attack that knock the leaves to the ground.

Scott: Might as well give up now, Zach!

Zach: I'm just getting started! Use Sleep Powder!

Zach's Bulbasaur launches more spores at Scott's Bulbasaur.

Kevin: No-No problem!

Kevin smiles.

Scott: I can counter any of your attacks!! Use Vine Whip!

Scott's Bulbasaur extends two vines out of the bulb on its back, and it rapidly spins then, using them as a propeller and blowing the spores in the other direction.

Jill: Where exactly are you from?

Scott's Eevee starts playing with Kevin's Rattata.

Zach: I can counter your counter! Use Vine Whip the same way it is!

Zach's Bulbasaur mimics Scott's, and the spores are stuck in the middle.

Kevin: Well, I was born in the Johto Region, but my dad moved her to become a gym leader. He failed, but instead became the champion!

Kevin's Rattata tackles Scott's Eevee in a friendly way.

Scott: Hey! You just copied that from me! Blow the spores harder!!

Scott's Bulbasaur grunts, and the spores become closer to Zach's Bulbasaur.

Jill: Your kidding! I was born in Johto, too! That's so cool! Wait..... Did you say that you dad became the champion?

Eevee: Eh eh eh!

Zach: Oh yeah? Well, Bulbasaur, use your brand-new attack you learned during training yesterday! Magical Leaf!

Bulbasaur nods, and what looks like Razor Leaf comes through, with a purplish glow, blows the spores upwards, and hurtles straight towards Scott's Bulbasaur.

Kevin: Really? And uh, yeah... He's the champion now. It's kind of embarassing, and I've never told anyone else, because I'm really not that good a trainer, and if everyone knew, they'd expect more from me. So, if I just act like a regular trainer, nobody will expect a lot from me.

The spores simply fall to the ground, and sink into the dirt.

Scott: Magical Leaf!?

Jill: Oh.. Well that's really cool! 

Scott: Um.... Er..... Use Razor Leaf!

Scott's Bulbasaur fires sharp leaves out of its bulb, but the Magical Leaf attack powers through it and hits Scott's Bulbasaur.

Scott: Oh no!

Zach: Yes! Good Job Bulbasaur! Now, use Vine Whip!

Zach's Bulbasaur begins using Vine Whip to hit Scott's Bulbasaur.

Kevin: I don't really like to talk about it.. But, uh yeah, I guess it's cool.

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulba!!

Scott: Perfect! Use Vine Whip!

Scott's Bulbasaur uses his Vine Whip attack, and its vines wrap around the other Bulbasaur's vine, and it starts swinging Zach's Bulbasaur in the air.

Jill: Kanto is pretty cool, but... I miss Johto.. That's where my parents are and... I miss them.


Zach's Bulbasaur uses Sleep Powder, and blasts it right towards Scott's Bulbasaur, but the swinging Vine Whip causes it to spread out and put both Bulbasaurs to sleep.

Zach: ...Mine fell asleep first!

Kevin: Yeah... my Mom is in Johto. She's, er, actually a gym leader.

Jill: That's cool! Of which gym?

Scott: Ha! I won! That proves that I am better then you! 

Scott starts doing some nerdy victory dance.

Scott: I knew I would win!

Scott walks over and picks up Bulbasaur.

Zach: didn't beat me... I beat myself.

Kevin: Oh, nothing, just Blackthorn...

Zach picks up his Bulbasaur.

Zach: So... if you go into technicalities, you didn't win, I just lost.

Scott: Well, my Bulbasaur was able to battle longer than yours was! So that means mine is better! But... Good try!

Scott shakes Zach's hand.

Jill: Blackthorn City? Wait.... Is your mom CLAIR?

Zach: The Sleep Powder just hit mine first, but whatever. Hey, maybe next time we can use different Pokemon.

Zach shakes Scott's hand.

Kevin: Well... yeah. It's kind of weird, we have such different personalities. She's icy cold to everyone but me and my dad. To us, it's like she's a whole other person.

Scott: Yeah! That'd be cool.

Jill: Aw that is so cool! Gosh... Your parents are so much cooler than mine! All mine do is research Pokemon and revive fossils.

Scott: Good job, Bulbasaur. And you did a goo job too, Mr. Zach's Bulbasaur.

Zach: You don't have to call me Mr. Zach, I'm good with Zach.

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba bulba!

Kevin: I WISH mine researched Pokemon and revive fossils. That seems a lot cooler to me.

Jill: Trust me.. It's not as cool as it sounds. They come home covered in dirt, and they are always super busy.

Scott: Okay. 

Scott's Eevee runs over to Scott, and Scott begins petting her.

Kevin: I'll trust you. I'm gonna go get more flowers.

Kevin runs off towards the same shop.

Zach: Hey, where you guys heading?

Scott picks up Eevee, and scratches it behind the ear.

Eevee: Eeeev!

Scott: Well, my mom gave me a call and i'm heading towards my home in Pallet Town. Then I'm off the to Fuchsia Gym to challenge Koga, the Fuchsia Gym Leader!

Jill gets up and walks over to Scott.

Zach: Really? How many gym badges do you have?

Poliwag pops out of Zach's Pokeball, and jumps up onto Zach's shoulder. Zach then begins to pet it and Bulbasaur.

Scott: Ooh! Cool Pokemon!

Scott takes out his Pokedex.

Pokedex: Poliwag, the Tadpole Pokemon. Poliwag is better at swimming than it is at walking.

Scott: Cool! Anyway, I have four badges. How much do you have?

Zach: I, er... have two. But I did only start... about two weeks ago, I think? And thanks, some con man tried to make me pay tons of money for it, but I won it from him.

Kevin runs up, holding three bouquets of flowers, and hands them to Jill.

Kevin: These are... for... you...

Kevin passes out from exhaustion.

Zach: Uh... wow.

Jill: Gosh.... Um..

Scott: Ha! Jill has a boyfriend!

Jill: No I don't!

Jill sits down next to Kevin and starts gently hitting him.

Jill: Wake up, Kevin. Wake up.

Zach: Well, Kevin's told me that he's never had a crush. So this is... weird, to say the least.

Suddenly Kevin wakes up.

Kevin: Wha- Oh, hey Jill!

Zach: ...Just... nevermind.

Jill: Heeey. Thanks for the flowers. They smell nice! But... You don't have to get me any more.

Scott: Wow....

Kevin: If you, uh, say so...

Zach: Soooo... got any tips on the gym leader here?

Scott: He's really tough. Just don't give up and try your hardest.

Zach: I mean like what type does he use, strategy... Because right now, I'm planning on using my Scyther to use speedy strong attacks.

Scott: That's a good idea. He uses his Raichu, which is an electric type. But it isn't very fast.

Zach: Raichu... Hmm... Scyther would be at a disadvantage type-wise, but with its speed, it could win. Thanks Scott!

Kevin: You're pretty Jill. And nice.

Jill: Um... Thank you.

Jill blushes.

Scott: No problamo!

Zach: So, you guys wanna go get something to-

Before Zach can finish, a smoke bomb flies out of the trees, and a large amount of smoke fills the area.

Michael: To destroy those who stand in our way!

Michelle: So we can show we mean to stay!

Michael: Michael!

Michelle: Michelle!

Scott: Who the heck are you two?

Jill: Wait..... Those clothes. Team Rocket!?

Michael: Well duh! Go, Golbat! Use Haze!

Michelle: You too, Grimer! Use Smog!

A thick, dark fog covers the area, making everyone unable to see.

Scott: Dangit! Not Team Rocket!!

Scott loudly coughs.

Jill: Darn Team Rocket! 

Jill reaches into her pocket, and takes out a Pokeball.

Jill: Go Aerodactyl!

An Aerodactyl flies out of the ball with a white light, and lands in front of Jill.

Aerodacyl: ARRROW!!

Jill coughs.

Jill: Use Whirlwind to clear the fog!

Aerodactyl flies into the air, and it shoots strong wind out of its mouth, clearing away the fog.

Two more figures are seen, and they jump next to Michelle and Michael.

Butch: Ha! We meet again, Scott!

Cassidy: And you, Jill. Prepare to fight!

Jill: Great! Just great!

Scott: What do you idiots want?

Scott's Eevee: Iv! Eeve!

Zach: Michelle and Michael. Just great... Okay, you know what to do Bulbasaur! Show off your Stun Spore!

Kevin: Grr... Rattata, Quick Attack on Grimer!

Bulbasaur: Bulba...SAAAAAUR!


Ratta... TAAAAA!

Both Pokemon unleash their attacks, aiming for different Pokemon.

Butch: Oh no you don't! Go, Primeape!

Cassidy: And you too, Raticate!

Scott: Yeah, you help out, Bulbasaur! Razor Leaf!

Scott's Bulbasaur releases extremely sharp leaves from its bulb, aiming towards Raticate.

Zach's and Kevin's attacks land.

Zach: Oh yeah! Now, Magical Leaf with Scott's Razor Leaf!

Kevin: Use Quick Attack on Golbat while its paralyzed!

Bulbasaur unleashes razor sharp leaves, surrounded by a purplish aura, and launches them at Raticate. Rattata launches at Golbat.

Cassidy: Raticate, Quick Attack!

Raticate quickly runs away from the leaves, barely dodging them. 

Jill: I didn't know you worked with anyone else, Cassidy and Butch!

Michelle: We work with them on occasion!

Michael: Golbaaaat!

Rattata's Quick Attack lands and knocks out Golbat because of the direct hit.

Kevin: Yes! Good job Rattata!

Zach: Grrr... Use Stun Spore on Raticate!

Butch: Hm..... Cassidy, activate the cage!

Cassidy: You do it! Raticate, attack Rattata! YOU BETTER BEAT HIM!

Scott: Bulbasaur, use your Stun Spore, too!

Kevin: Come on Rattata, you can do this! Use Quick Attack to dodge it!

Rattata quickly avoids Raticate's move.

Scott: Come on Bulbasaur!!

The double Stun Spore fly onto Cassidy's Raticate, and it paralyzes it.


Jill runs over to Scott's, Zach's and Kevin's other Pokemon, and starts gathering them up.

Zach: Bulbasaur, Magical Leaf on Raticate!

Kevin: Good job, Rattata! Use Bite on Primeape!

Both Pokemon launch their attacks.

Cassidy: Butch, control your Pokemon!

Butch: I can't! I'm getting the cage ready!

Cassidy: UUUG!!!

Rattata approaches Primeape, and bites him.

Primeape: PRYY!

Zach's Bulbasaur's Magical Leaf hits Raticate, and it falls to the ground.

Scott: Good job, Zach!

Zach: Thanks, you did good too Scott! Now, Bulbasaur get-

Kevin: Primeape's mine! Rattata use Quick Attack!

Zach: ...Okay then.

Rattata speeds ahead, straight towards Primeape.

Zach: Okay, Bulbasaur, Sleep Powder on Grimer!

Bulbasaur shoots light-green spores towards Grimer.

Butch: How does this work again? Michael, Michelle, don't YOU know how to work this dang thing?

Jill tries to calm down the other scared Pokemon.

Scott: Use Energy Ball!!

Michelle: I've never worked something like that in my life! Grimer, Sludge Bomb!

Michael: I know how to work it.

Michael pushes Butch out of the way, and begins getting the cage ready.

Bulbasaur's Energy Ball flies through the air, and it hits Primeape in the face.

Scott: Yeah!

Scott's Squirtle starts crying.

Jill: It's okay, Squirtle!

Grimer's Sludge Bomb lands, and covers Zach's Bulbasaur's face.

Zach: Bulbasaur!

Zachs Bulbasaur: Bulb, b-bulba!


Rattata's Quick Attack lands, and knocks Primeape back.

Butch: Come on, Primeape!

Cassidy: Hurry up with the cage!!

Scott: Oh no! Eevee, come here!

Scott's Eevee runs towards Scott.

Scott: Use Helping Hand on Zach's Bulbasaur!

Eevee grabs Bulbasaur's bulb.

Bulbasaur is able to get the smudge off.

Zach: Yeah! Now, Magical Leaf on Grimer!

Zach's Bulbasaur's Magical Leaf gets powered-up thanks to Eevee's helping hand.


Rattata launches towards Primeape again.

Michael: I'm... trying! It's a lot... harder than I remember!

Scott: Now, Eevee, Bulbasaur! Shadow Ball and Energy Ball!

A green and black orb are shot out of the Pokemons mouths. They speed up, and soar right next to the Magical Leaf attack.

Zach: Good idea! Bulbasaur, guide your Magical Leaf into their attacks, and fuse them!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulbaaaaaaa!

The Magical Leaf splits off, and combines with Shadow Ball and Energy Ball, then combines them.

Zach: Alright!

Scott: Woah! Cool!

Jill: Impressive!

Jill continues to calm down the panicked Pokemon.


Rattata slams full-force into Primeape, knocking it into a tree with a loud thump.


Zach's Bulbasaur: B...bul...bulba...

Zach: Hang in there...

The Fusion Attack lands, and Grimer is instantly knocked unconscious.

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulb...bulba...b.b...bulba...

Zach: Good job!

Scott: That was so cool!

Butch: For crying out loud Primeape! I KNOW you can fight better than that!  Use Low Kick on the purple one!

Primeape: Pr...Prime...Ape....

Zach: Thanks Scott!

Kevin: Go for it Rattata!

Rattata goes for another Quick Attack, straight at Primeape.

Butch: Use your Low Kick already!! I thought your speices was FAST!!

Primeape stands up tall, and kicks the ground in front of the speedy Rattata, causing it to trip.

Cassidy: Finally, Butch!

Kevin: Rattata, noooo!

Rattata collides with a tree, and is unsteadily getting back up.

Zach: Bulbasaur, use Poison Powder on Primeape!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Bulbasaur launches purple spores at Primeape.

Scott: Good idea, Poison him! You use Poison Powder too!

Scott's Bulbasaur launches its own purple spores at Primeape.

Butch: No!

The purple spores land on Primeape, and it stumbles around, poisoned.

Kevin: Now's the time Rattata! Quick Attack!

Rattata: R...Ratta...RATTATA!

Rattata rams into Primeape from behind, knocking it out.

Zach: Woohoo! Good job Kevin! You too Scott!

Kevin: Return!

Kevin returns his Rattata.

Butch: Nooo! Return, Primeape.

Butch holds out Primeape's ball, and it returns with a red beam of light.

Scott: Yeah! Team Rocket, why do you even try? We will beat you EVERY time!

Cassidy: Don't be so sure!!

Zach: Scott does have a point...

Kevin: Yeah! We're just that awesome!

Scott's Bulbasaur high-fives Zach's Bulbasaur, by hitting their vines against the others.

Scott: Yeah!

Scott also high-fives Kevin and Zach.

Michael: Not so fast!

Michael activates the cage.

Michelle: Mwahahahhaha!

Michael: Your evil laugh stinks.

The cage launches into the ground, capturing all of Zach's, Scott's and Kevin's other Pokemon, also capturing Jill in the process.

Scott: NO!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Jill: Help me!!

Butch: Mwahahaha! Those Pokemon are all ours now!

Kevin: Jill, nooo! Go, Rattata! Use Bite and gnaw through the cage!

Kevin sends out Rattata, which tries to gnaw through the cage, but is unsuccessful and runs back to Kevin.

Zach: Grr... Bulbasaur, use Magical Leaf!

Bulbasaur: B...bul...bulba...

Bulbasaur launches another Magical Leaf, but it fails to get through the cage.

Michael: All those Pokemon are ours! Perfect! Let's go!

Scott: No! Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip, and try to open the cage!

Bulbasaur uses his vines to pull on the cage.

Jill: Help me!!!

Octillery: OCTO?!

Inside the cage, Scyther begins to freak out, using Slash rapidly on the bars.


Zach: Calm down!

Mankey begins attacking with Scyther, using Karate Chop.


Zach: Mankey, calm down!

Zach's Bulbasaur begins helping out Scott's.


The cage sends out an electric pulse, shocking everything touching it.

Zach: No!

Kevin: Jill!

Jill: Augh!!

Scott: NO!!

Cassidy: Mwahaha! A bunch of little kids thought they could beat us!

Zach: Little... KIDS? I'm fifteen you jerks!

Zach runs at Michael, and takes a swing at him.

Kevin: Zach!

Scott: Stop it Zach! It's no use!

Michael: Listen to your friend, kid!

Michael pushes Zach back into Kevin, and calls a helicopter, which arrives almost instantly.

Michelle: Later, chumps. 

Michael activates a control, and the hook connects to the helicopter. They jump in.

Michael: Hurry up Batch and Cassidy.

Butch: It's BUTCH!

Butch and Cassidy get it.

Jill is unconcious, still in the cage.

Scott: No!!

Kevin: Jill! No!!!!

Zach: I'm not letting you get away!

Zach makes a running jump, and grabs onto the helicopter.

Zach: Gah... I.. can't... hold... on!

The helicopter begins to fly, and Zach falls.

Zach: Ugh...

Michael: Oops. So sorry, Zachary. Have a good life without your Pokemon!

The helicopter flies away.

Kevin: Zach, are you okay?! Scott, come on, help me get him up!

Scott runs over to Zach, and helps him stand up.

Scott: They can't get away! We gotta stop them!!

Zach: Our Pokemon... are too... weakened. We have to... go to.. the... Pokemon Center...

Kevin: Zach's right. As much as I want to save Ji-er, stop them, our Pokemon are too weak right now.

Scott: Fine. Er... Do you know where the nearest Pokemon Center is? Jill usually tells me where they are.

Zach: Over there...

Zach points to a Pokemon Center about 50 yards away.

Kevin: Let's go!

Scott: Okay.

Scott starts running towards the Pokemon Center, with his Bulbasaur in his hands.

Zach: Wait... up...

Zach and Kevin start running, Zach's Bulbasaur in his arms.

Scott: I can't let Team Rocket get away. I just can't. They stole our Pokemon, and they stole my best friend.

Zach suddenly puts on a burst of speed, and catches up with Scott.

Zach: As soon as we heal up, we're gonna go stop Team Rocket. I promise.

Scott: Okay.

They keep running until they get to the Pokemon Center, which oddly has no trainers waiting.

Zach: Perfect, Bulbasaur'll be healed up in no time!

Kevin: So will Rattata!

Scott: And mine too.

Scott enters the building.

Nurse Joy: Hello! Back so soon, Zach?

Zach: Yeah, I need you to heal up my Bulbasaur.

Kevin: And my Rattata!

Scott: And my Bulbasaur, too.

Nurse Joy's Chansey pops up from underneath the counter.

Chansey: Chansey!

Nurse Joy: Of course. Chansey, take them back to the healing room.

Chansey: Chansey!

Chansey takes all three Pokemon back to the healing room.

Nurse Joy: They'll be healed up very soon. Just be patient.

Scott: Ok.... I'll try.

After about five minutes, Nurse Joy and Chansey come out, with their Pokemon, all healed up.

Nurse Joy: Here you are!

Zach: Thanks Nurse Joy!

Zach and Kevin retrieve their Pokemon.

Scott: Thank you so much Nurse Joy!

Scott picks up his Pokemon.

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Zach: Now, let's go!

Kevin: Here we come J-er, everyone!

They all run out towards where they had seen the helicopter fly off.

Scott: Do we just... Follow them?

Zach: I guess so. There's really no other thing to do. Hey, I think I see the helicopter! It didn't go to far... it's up top that mountain!

Kevin: Ugh... I HATE climbing!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba bulbasaur!

Scott: Ugh. Me too. Jill does it all the time. I don't know how she can do that.

Kevin: I can do it, but it's just soooo annoying. Oh well, if Ji-er, our Pokemon, are up there, let's go save them!

Zach: Got that right!

They begin scaling the mountain, with both Bulbasaurs helping out.

Scott: Ugg..SO..Hard.

Zach: Nothing's... too hard... for Pokemon!

Kevin: Yeah... and for... Jill...

Scott is gasping for breath.

Scott: Thirsty...

Kevin climbs carefully over to Scott, and hands him a water bottle.

Kevin: Here! You need it... more than me...

Kevin continues climbing.

Scott: Thank you!!

Scott takes a big sip of the water, and continues climbing.

Kevin: No problem!

They continue climbing.

Scott: You doing okay, Bulbasaur?

Bulbasaur: Bulb...Bulba!

Kevin: Must... get... to... them...

Kevin begins to climb carelessly, and before long his hand finds a loose ridge, and it collapses as he puts all his weight on it.


Zach: Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip to help him!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Scott: Kevin! Bulbasaur, you help too!

Both Bulbasuar use their vines, and they wrap around Kevin's leg, and start pulling him.

Scott: Pull, Bulbasaur! Pull!

Kevin is pulled up by the vines, and he grabs onto a sturdier handhold.

Kevin: Thanks... guys... that... was... CRAZY.

Zach: No problem! Let's keep climbing.

Scott: Gosh... This is so scary! Are you okay, Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah... I'm fine...

Zach: Don't be a wimp Scott. I know you're ten, but you gotta be prepared for anything.

Scott: Hey! What would a ten year old expect? I never imagined all this stuff would happen!

Zach: You SHOULD be ready for anything. After all this time, if you're such a good trainer, shouldn't you know that?!

Kevin: Don't be so hard on him Zach! It's not like he ever had a Pokemon stolen and never saw it again...

Zach: I thought I asked you to never talk about that!

Scott: Wait....What are you talking about?

Zach: You just had to bring it up, didn't you Kevin?

Zach sighs.

Zach: Well, when I was about your age, I tried to get my first Pokemon. They had run out, so they gave me an extra Pokeball to capture my first Pokemon. I captured a Rhyhorn, and it was a baby, so it wasn't very angry. We had a good couple of weeks, and we became best friends. Then... Team Rocket struck. They stole a bunch of Pokemon, including Rhyhorn. Back then, I lived in Fuchsia City. It was a sad day for me... I never felt the same way about Pokemon since then...

Scott: Oh... That's... That's just like Jill.....

Zach: What?

Kevin: She had a Pokemon stolen from her?!

Scott: Well... No.. I.. I don't know exactly how it went.. But one day.. When she was a little girl, she had a Cubone. She loved and cared for the Cubone. She trained it so hard every day, so it could become strong and powerful. But... She worked it too hard. She didn't even notice that it was very very sick. Eventually it died... She must have felt terrible...

Kevin: Wow... I can't believe something like that happened to Jill. I feel so bad for her...

Zach: Yeah, me too... Hey, we finally reached the top!

Scott: Oh yay! Finally!

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba bulb!

Kevin: Whoa... how did we not see that huge building!? It's huge, black, and it's got a shiny red R on the top!

Scott: A red "R" on a building? That's quite weird.... Wait....R for...... ROCKET! That must be the Team Rocket HQ!

Zach: Yeah. Let's get ready! Bulbasaur, you ready?

Kevin: Go, Rattata! You ready?

Zach's Bulbasaur nods, and so does Kevin's Rattata.

Scott: Let's do this!

Zach: Let's try stea-

Michael: Hello, Kiddies!

Kevin: Michael!

Michelle: And me too!

Zach: Gahh!

Butch: But don't forget us!

Scott: Oh great! It's you guys!

Cassidy: Trying to get your Pokemon back? Well forget it.

Zach: We'll never give up! We're gonna get our Pokemon back, and take you down!


Scott: Tell us where they are!

Cassidy: Why would we tell you!? Oh! And my we were surprised when we found a girl in there. We have no need for her.

Kevin: Don't talk about Jill that way! She's awesome!

Michael: Ugh, young love. So wretched. Go, Sandslash!

Michelle: Go, Jigglypuff

Zach: Wha-

Michelle: Oh, we got new Pokemon. Like them? They're for pests like you! Jigglypuff, Pound!

Michael: Sandslash, Slash!

Zach: Magical Leaf on Jigglypuff!

Zach's Bulbasaur launches leaves at Sandslash.

Kevin: Rattata, Quick Attack!

Scott: Energy Ball!!

Scott's Bulbasaur launches a green ball out of its mouth, and it shoots towards Jigglypuff.

The Magical Leaf lands, and Sandslash's attack is cancelled, when Quick Attack lands and knocks Sandslash off the mountain.

Michael: Sandslash, no! Return!

Michael quickly returns Sandslash.

Michelle: Jigglypuff, dodge it!

Jigglypuff tries to dodge, but fails, and is hit by the Energy Ball.

Scott: Ha ha!

Cassidy: Ug.. I guess this means we gotta help too. Go, Raticate! Use Super Fang on either Bulbasaur!

Raticate's fangs glow bright white, and it charges toward Scott's Pokemon.

Butch: And Cloyster! Use Water Gun on the taller boy!

Cloyster fires a beam of water, that heads in Zach's direction.

Zach smiles.

Zach: Hold a grudge, eh? Well so do I! Bulbasaur, Magical Leaf on Cloyster!

Zach dodges the Water Gun, and runs towards Butch.

Butch: A so called fifteen-year-old can't beat me!

Zach: What are you, seventy-three gramps?

Zach feints a swing, and knees Butch in the stomach.

Kevin: Use Quick Attack and intercept Raticate!

The purple mouse Pokemon charges towards Raticate, and bangs into it, causing both Pokemon to fall on the ground.


Cassidy grabs Zach's arms, and twists them backwards.

Scott: Zach!

Zach smiles.

Zach: Thanks for taking the bait, fool!

Zach twists his arms and pulls them over his head, slamming Cassidy into the ground, making her let go.

Zach: Gaaaaah that hurt... but it felt SO GOOD! And I'm fine, Scott.

Kevin: Good job Rattata! Use Bite, and take out Raticate.

Cassidy: Augh!!

Butch: You- Michelle, Michael, do something!!

Scott: Wow... Pretty tough! Reminds me of Ninja Movies with Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee! You'll have to teach me that sometimes.

Kevin's Rattata bites into the larger Pokemon, and it becomes unconcious.

Michelle and Michael are nowhere to be seen. Zach snickers, and Kevin begins laughing.

Zach: Where's your teammates now, Cassidy and Botch? Bulbasaur, Tackle into Botch!

Kevin: Y-yeah! Where are they!? Rattata, Quick Attack into Cassidy!

Both Pokemon unleash their attacks.

Scott: Woo hoo! Yeah!

Zach: And Scott. I'll totally teach you those moves. Now, stealth's not an option... I say we charge the place!

Kevin: I agree!

Scott: The place isn't too big... I assume they keep all the Pokemon in the same place.

Zach: I think that's just to fool you.. I don't know about you, but it sounds like there's a hollow room under this floor... and possibly more. But... wow, they are so stupid. They have a SIGN saying which floor has what.

Kevin: Let's see.. 4F is Buffet... 5F is Prisoner Interrogation... 6F is Pokemon Containment... 7F is Party Room... wait Pokemon Containment!

Scott: Pfft. They have a Party Room? Anyway, let's go!

Zach activates the elevator, and they all pile in, then Kevin presses the button for 6F. The elevator begins to move upwards.

Zach: So, Scott... You're pretty cool, you know? Sorry for calling you a wimp earlier. It's just... when things happen, they can change people. I hope we're still friends.

Scott: I know how you feel. It's okay, we are definitely still friends! You're pretty cool, too!

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Zach smiles.

Zach: Thanks.

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulb!

The elevator dings, and they step out, to see an empty floor, only filled with cages of Pokemon.

Kevin: Whoa... Rattata, try sniffing out for Jill and the rest of our Pokemon!

Rattata: Rattata!

Rattata begins sniffing for them, and leads them to a cage near the bottom corner of the right wall.

Kevin: Good job! Jill, we're here!

Jill: Guys?

Jill stands up, and sees her friends.

Jill: Guys, you're here!

Kevin: Of course! I'd never- er, WE'D never let you get hurt and let them get away with it!

Zach: Yeah. So now we need to get you all out of here... but how?

Eevee: Eevee!

Scott: Are all of our Pokemon all right?

Jill: Yeah, they are fine. But they may hurt them soon. I don't know how you can get us all out without them noticing. If they notice, they will get every single member of Team Rocket to come.

Zach: Maybe that's not a bad thing... there are TONS of other  cages, right?

Jill: Oh Yeah. Tons. They have a bunch of other Pokemon being trapped here other than yours.

Zach: And if we open all those cages...

Scott: Um.... It will be too hard for Team Rocket to battle everyone? Where are you going with this....

Zach: Oh my Arceus.... If we open all those cages, there will be so many Pokemon, they completely overpower Team Rocket.

Scott: Then let's do it!!

Jill: Well wait! Some of them are guarded by some Team Rocket grunts... Luckily this one wasn't. After they found me, they took MY Pokemon, too. 

Zach: Oh, that's not gonna be a problem. Not when we have our Pokemon back. I've got a plan...

Zach whispers the plan.

Kevin: Genius! It should work! I hope!

Scott: Yeah. I'll help Jill look for her Pokemon.

Jill: Okay! But we gotta be stealthy and quiet.

Scott: Yeah. 

Zach: Okay, let's move out!

They all separate, carefully scouting out for Grunts. Zach spots one.

Zach: Okay, Mankey, go over there and start banging on a cage!

Mankey nods, jumps over to the other cage, and begins pounding on it.

Grunt: Ugggggh! I hate this job...

The grunt walks over.

Zach: Now, Poliwag, Hypnosis!

Poliwag jumps down right in front of him, and puts him to sleep.

Scott: Good job.

Scott and Jill walk past him, followed by Scott's Pokemon.

A grunt turns down their hallway, and sees them all.

Grunt: Wha-

Jill: Oh no!

Scott: Bulbasaur, quick! Sleep Powder!

Scott's Bulbasaur launches blue spores at the man, and he falls onto the floor, asleep.

Scott: That was close!

Kevin: Too close... Hey, look! There's some kind of panel over there!

Zach: I bet that controls all the cages! If we get to it, we can probably open them all at once!

Jill: Wait! Let me find me Pokemon first. Since all the Pokemon are released at the same time, it will be extremely chaotic and it would be hard to find them. 

Scott: Okay, but lets hurry. Octillery and Squirtle, you go that way. Eevee and Abra, you search over there. Bulbasaur, come with me. Just yell if you find Jill's Pokemon.

Abra: Aber!

Scott's Pokemon slip up into groups, and search for Jill's Pokemon.

Jill: Kevin and Zach, keep a look out. We don't want anymore grunts spotting us.

Kevin: Yes mam! Be careful Jill!

Zach: We'll be on the lookout.

Jill: Okay.

Scott and Jill quickly run forward, carefully examining each cage. They pass by a cage with a Dratinin, a Flareon, and several young looking Ekans. 

Jill: Aw... Those Pokemon look so scared.

Scott: Yeah....

Scott hears one of his Pokemon yelling. 

Scott: Wait.. Is that...

Eevee: EEV!! EEVEE!!

Jill: Eevee found my Pokemon! 

The two run to where they heard the voice, and they find Eevee and Abra next to a large cage full of Jill's Pokemon.

Abra: Ab! Abra!

Jill: There you are!

Jill squeezes her hand through the cage, and starts petting her large Rhydon.

Scott: Kevin, Zach! We found them!

A small explosion fills the center of the room, and Zach and Kevin are seen running towards the control panel.


Zach lunges at the control panel, and presses a button that has 'Open All' on it. All the cages open, and the Pokemon begin to surge toward the exit.

Scott: OH BOY!

Scott is run over by a large Tauros, that completely tramples everything in its way.

Scott: Ouch.....

Jill: Uh!!! Ditto, Porygon! Transform into Aerodactyl!

Ditto and Porygon glow white, and they transform into Aerodacyl.

Jill: Now fly! Rhydon, try to follow me!

The Pokemon fly into the air.

Scott: This is crazy! 

Scott tries to run towards Kevin and Zach, but keeps tripping over small Pokemon.

Lickitung: LICKY!!

Scott: Well excuse me, Mr. Tongue!

Scott gets up and spots Kevin and Zach. Watching his steps, he eventually manages to reach them.

Jill's three Aerodactyl lift her into the air, and fly her over to Zach and Kevin.

Kevin: The wild Pokemon are easily beating Team Rocket!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba bulb!

Zach: Now, let's-

Zach spots a Pokemon stampeding towards him.

Zach: A Rhyhorn! Not good! Bulbasaur u- wait... RHYHORN?!

Kevin: No way... you think it's... THAT Rhyhorn?

Jill's Rhydon emerges from the stampede of Pokemon, and finds Jill.

Jill: Good, you found me.

Scott and Jill assist the other Pokemon at fighting Team Rocket.

Jill: Aerodactyl, use Hyper Beam!!

Jill's three Aerodactyl open their mouth, and they fire an extremely powerful blast, that launches a Team Rocket member into the air.

Scott: Octillery, Water Gun, Bulbasaur, Razor Leaf, Eevee, Shadow Ball, Squirtle, Bubble!

Scott's Pokemon combine attacks, except for Squirtle, who just lazily walks stands there, and the attack lands.

Scott: The plan is working!

Jill: It sure is!

Jill looks back at Kevin and Zach, and see's the Rhyhorn.


Rhyhorn charges, and uses Take Down on Zach, knocking him into a wall.

Zach: Ughhh...

Kevin: Zach, no! Go, Caterpie! Try using String Shot!

Caterpie uses String Shot, but it does nothing.

Kevin: Gah... return!

Jill runs towards Zach.

Jill: Ah. A Rhyhorn. I had my Rhydon was hard to control a a Rhyhorn. Rhydon! Think you can get this Rhyhorn to get off of Zach?

Jill's Rhydon runs over to Rhyhorn.

Zach: No! This is... definitely my... old Rhyhorn!

Zach begins pushing against Rhyhorn.

Zach: This is an old game we used to play...

Zach quickly jumps away from Rhyhorn, and pulls an old Pokeball from his bag.

Kevin: Is that...

Zach: Yeah, it is! Rhyhorn, RETURN!

A red beam shoots out, and hits Rhyhorn. The Rhyhorn dissolves, and is sucked into the Pokeball.

Zach: I finally got him back!

Kevin: Now, let's take out some Team Rocket goons!

They hear a strange laugh, and someone in a Team Rocket Uniform comes out of the elevator.

???: Hello... I see my son is here.

Jill: What are you talking about? Son?

Scott is still fighting the other Team Rocket members. A tall member of Team Rocket releases her Poliwrath from a ball, and it starts attacking Scott's Pokemon.

Team Rocket Woman: Use DynamicPunch!

The Pokemon gets ready to attack, but a large Snorlax tackle the Pokemon.

Zach: No... that's not possible!

???: Oh... I'm sorry, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Blake Willsone.

Kevin: Zach... isn't that... your last name?

Zach: ...Dad?


Blake: Well of course! Team Rocket is the perfect organization! And I am its leader.

Zach: There is NO way that you could be my Dad!

Kevin: Zach, your Dad is the LEADER of Team Rocket?!

Blake: Well, leader of the New Team Rocket. We have joined forces with the original Team Rocket, and now I am Co-Leader

Jill: There's....TWO Team Rockets?

Scott: Use Energy Ball!

Scott's Bulbasaur fires a green ball, that hits a Team Rocket member in the face.

Team Rocket Grunt: OW! THAT WAS MY FACE!

The Team Rocket Grunt charges towards Scott, but trips over an Oddish.

Scott: Ha!

Scott looks over to Zach, Jill and Kevin, and sees a mysterious man.

Scott: What's going on?

Scott walks over to them.

Kevin: You didn't hear any of that...?

Zach: Co-leader of Team Rocket.... is my father...

Zach's Bulbasaur: Buuuulba!

Another person comes down, dressed in an identical uniform.

Zach: The Other Co-Leader?!

Scott: Wow... Today keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Team Rocket Grunts come up, and surround Kevin and Jill.

Kevin: How- Ugh, doesn't matter! Jill, we have to fight them off!

Zach: Scott, I guess we know who we have to fight, don't we?

Jill: Of course. Come here, Aerodactyl and Rhydon!

Jill's Pokemon appoach her.

Scott: Yeah, we can do this!

The man speaks up.

Man: Ah, Blake. Joining forces was one of the best ideas I've ever had.

Blake: Yes, Giovanni. It truly was. Go, Golem!

Giovanni: My trusty Pokemon. Persian, do it.

The two leaders release their Pokemon.

Persian: Purr!

Scott: What you guys do is terrible. You steal other peoples Pokemon. They caught them and cared for them, and you just take them away. You make me sick. 

Zach: I agree completely Scott! Let's put them in their place! Bulbasaur, let's get ready!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba, bulbasaur!

Jill: Me and Kevin will deal with the other grunts.

Giovanni: Use Power Gem.

The jewel on Persian's forehead glows red, and a powerful red beam shoots out, aiming for Zach's Bulbasaur.

Zach: Bulbasaur, dodge it quick!

Zach's Bulbasaur narrowly dodges it.

Zach: Now, use Leech Seed on Golem!

Blake: Intercept it with Rock Blast!

Golem blocks the Leech Seed with Rock Blast.

Scott: Use Vine Whip!!

Scott's Bulbasaur's vines wrap around Persian's stomach.

Scott: Throw it into the air!

Bulbasaur thrusts its vines upward, and it throws the Pokemon into the air.

Giovanni: Haha! 

Persian twists its legs, and it gently lands on its feet.

Scott: Dang it!

Zach: Gah... they're so strong! Bulbasaur, use Poison Powder on Persian!

Zach's Bulbasaur launches purple spores at Persian.

Kevin: Rattata, I believe in you! Use Hyper Fang!

Rattata jumps, its fangs glowing, and bites into a Weepinbell.

Kevin: Good job Rattata!

Several more random Team Rocket members enter the area.

Jill: There's more of them! Rhydon, use Horn Attack!

Jill's Rhydon charges toward a man in a rocket uniform, and its horn glows bright white, and it knocks the man down.

Scott: Razor Leaf at Golem!!

Scott's Bulbasaur releases several sharp leaves, that scrape against Golem's hard body, doing almost nothing.

Scott: They ARE good!

Zach: Scott... I think I have an idea! Remember what we did at the training area?

Kevin: Rattata, Quick Attack!

Rattata speeds toward an enemy, and knocks him down.

Scott: Oh yeah!

Giovanni: No matter what you try, you can't stop us! We are just having a little fun!

Jill: Wait! I got it! Use Earthquake!!

Rhydon: RHY!

Rhydon lifts it leg, and slams it into the ground, causing an earthquake.

Scott: Wooaah! B...B...Bulbasaur, use Energy Ball!!

Jill: Kevin, now! Rhydon use-

The earthquake causes Jill to fall onto the ground, causing her glasses to fall off.

Jill: Augh! I..I can't see anything!

Kevin: Jill! Rattata, give me cover!

Kevin spots Jill's glasses, and tries to get them, but they keep sliding away.

Kevin: Gah!

Zach: W-whoa! Bulbasaur, use Mag-

Blake: Golem, use Stone Edge.

Golem launches a Stone Edge, and cuts right through Energy Ball and hits both Bulbasaurs.

Zach: N-no way!

Scott: Bulbasaur! 

Jill starts crawling on the ground, feeling the ground.

Zach: They're too powerful!

Kevin: I got 'em!

Kevin lunges for the glasses, and is able to grab them. He then starts to carefully walk over to Jill, when rubble falls in front of him, and causes him to fall and slide back into a cage.

Kevin: Gaaaah!

Jill: Kevin? Where are you?

Giovanni: Use Shadow Ball!

Scott: Counter it with YOUR Shadow ball!!

Both Pokemon release a black ball out of their mouths, that collide, and cause a mini explosion with black dust.

Kevin bangs his head against a cage bar, and falls unconscious.

Kevin: Ungh....

Rattata: Ratta? Rattata!

Zach: Poliwag, Water Pulse!

Blake: Use Protect.

Water Pusle hits the shield harmlessly.

Jill gets run over a Nidorina.

Jill: Aw...

Scott looks over at Kevin and Jill.

Scott: They need help!

Jill's Rhydon and Scott's Abra run over to Jill, and pick her up.

Scott: Good! Now, back to you! Use Razor Leaf on Persian!

Blake: Golem, use Rock Blast! Don't let them hit Persian!

Zach: Bulbasaur, Leech Seed!

Golem uses Rock Blast, going right through Razor Leaf and Leech Seed, hitting both Bulbasaurs hard.

Zach: Bulbasaur!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulb...bulba...

Scott's Bulbasaur: Bulb...Bulba...Saur.

Scott: Come on you guys! We can do this!

Scott looks at his other Pokemon which are fighting the other Team Rocket members. His Eevee is battling a Zubat, and his Octillery is battling a Marowak.

Scott: Look at them...

Scott looks at Kevin and Jill.

Scott: Zach. We can NOT back down.

Zach is looking at his Pokemon. Scyther attacking a Poliwhirl, Poliwag against a Bellsprout, and Mankey against a Geodude.

Zach: I agree! Come on Bulbasaur, I believe in you!

Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba...Bulbasaur...Bulba!

Jill: Ung!

Jill trips again, and bruises her forehead.

Scott: Jill....

A bubble from Octillery's BubbleBeam attack hits Scott in the head, and he turns around to find an Onix, beating his Octillery, a Vileplume nearly killing his Squirtle and Abra, and a Fearow attacking his Eevee.

Scott: Let's do it, Zach. What we did during training.

Kevin regains consciousness, and walks unsteadily over to Jill. Then he leans over and hands her the glasses.

Kevin: Here, I got your glasses...

Zach: You got it! Bulbasaur! Poliwag! Mankey! Scyther! All of you, prepare to attack!

All of his Pokemon besides Bulbasaur return from their battles, heavily wounded, and get next to Bulbasaur.

Zach: Let's do this! Bulbasaur, Magical Leaf! Poliwag, use Water Pulse! Mankey, use Karate Chop! Scyther, Wing Attack!

Bulbasaur launches its Magical Leaf, which combines with Water Pulse by dissolving into it, turning the water green. Mankey then uses Karate Chop, which boosts its power and speed, followed by Scyther, which uses Wing Attack, making it faster and more powerful.

Zach: Now Scott!

Jill: Thank you, Kevin!

Jill puts on her glasses.

Jill: Part of it is cracked, but that's alright.

Scott: Bulbasaur, Abra, Squirtle, Eevee, Octillery, ATTACK!

Scott's Pokemon, also heavily wounded, return from battle, standing next to Zach's Pokemon. Scott's Bulbasaur fires an Energy Ball attack, Octillery does an Ice Beam attack, Abra does a Toxic attack, Eevee releases a Shadow Ball attack, and Squirtle releases its first attack, a  Bubble attack. The Shadow Ball and Energy Ball collide, and break into several pieces which combine into the green water, making the water glow, the toxic mixes into the same attack, making purple fog to be released out of it as it soars through the air, the Bubble attack sucks all the pieces of the attack into it, creating a big ball of glowing green poison, and the Ice Beam attack freezes the ball, creating sharp, hard pieces of ice.

Giovanni: No!!


The huge fusion attack splits apart, and hits both Persian and Golem, with a huge poisonous explosion. It knocks Zach and Scott back, with their Pokemon, next to Jill and Kevin.


Zach's Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Scott: YA-HA!

Scott hugs his Pokemon.

Scott: We did awesome!!

Zach runs up, and hugs all his Pokemon. All the Team Rocket Grunts run, out of fear, for their leaders being defeated. Then Kevin hugs Jill, and all his Pokemon.

Zach: You did incredible guys!

A figure is seen walking towards them.

Zach: What do you want Dad?!

Blake: Son. Team Rocket is the light of the universe, you must understand.

Scott: Don't even bother! Team Rocket is a terrible society!

Zach: Dad, you used to love Pokemon! Now you use them as tools!

Blake: That's what they ARE. YOU use them for tools. For battling. For glory.

Zach: That's not-

Blake: YES IT IS!

Scott: DON'T EVEN-

Jill: No, Scott. Let Zach talk to him.

Scott: Fine.

Blake: Son, join me. Join me, and you could one day be in my position! Ruling Team Rocket!

Zach: ...

In the backround, Giovanni talking to somebody on his Communication Device.

Scott: NO!

Scott stands up.

Scott: Don't join Team Rocket! They steal other trainer's Pokemon! They stole YOURS! They steal them and hurt them!

Zach: Dad... I...

Blake: Yes, son! Join me! 

Zach: I'm sorry, Dad. I'm not joining you.

Blake: Then you're a failing disappointment.

Blake walks off.

Zach: ...

Zach begins to tear up.

Scott: Zach, what's wrong?

Kevin: Scott, are you deaf?! His dead just called him a failing disappointment! You'd be sad too!

Scott: SO?! Who cares what he says!? Don't listen to him! 

Jill: Scott! If your parent says something like that, it hurts!

Zach: ...

Kevin: Zach? Zach! ZACH!

Scott: Listen, I'm sorry. Just don't listen to him! You are NOT a dissapointment! You stopped an evil Team from capturing our Pokemon. You taught me many things about Pokemon that I didn't know. You.... You are brave. You probably don't know this, but I have never even met MY dad. If HE was the leader of Team Rocket, I would have given up, and helped him. It takes courage to fight your own dad. So trust me.... You are FAR from a disappointment. If your mom heard about what you did, She would be proud.

Jill: That is so true.

Kevin: What he said.

Zach: ...

Zach smiles, and stands up.

Zach: Thanks for that, Scott. I really needed it.

Zach proceeds to shake Scott's hand.

Kevin: So... what now?

Zach: We should probably get out of here.

Scott: Yeah.

Jill: Scott, that was amazing. I never thought you could say anything like that.

Scott shrugs.

Jill: I have a strong feeling that Officer Jenny will be arriving here soon. For now, let's just open the doors and let all these other Pokemon roam free. Zach looks out a hole in the wall.

Zach: That's not gonna be necessary. They broke out.

Kevin: WHAT? That's awesome!

Jill: I hope that if any other trainers had Pokemon stolen from them, I hope their Pokemon can find them.

Kevin: I hope so too. Oh, and Jill, sorry about your glasses. I'll pay for a new pair.

Jill: You don't have to! It wasn't your fault. I'm the one who caused the earthquake!

Kevin: Well... I accidentally dropped them, so it's okay. I'll pay for them.

Jill: Thank you.

Scott: Well, we should really heal our Pokemon. They are in terrible shape.

Scott returns his Pokemon to their balls. 

Jill: Aerodactyl, Porygon, Ditto and Rhydon, you all did great.

Kevin: Yeah, you did great Rattata, Pidgey, and Caterpie!

Kevin returns all his Pokemon to their Pokeballs.

Zach: You guys did great Bulbasaur, Poliwag, Mankey, and Scyther!

Zach returns all his Pokemon to their Pokeballs, except for Bulbasaur, who jumps into his arms.

Jill: Time for a good rest.

Jill returns her Pokemon to their balls, but before she can return Rhydon, it runs over to Zach's Rhyhorn, and starts interacting with it.

Rhydon: Rhy! Rhydon!

Zach: What the... How did you get out of your Pokeball?!

Rhyhorn: Rhyyyy! Rhyhorn!

Scott: What are they doing?

Rhydon: Rhy!

Jill: I wonder.....

Zach: I am completely speechless.

Rhyhorn: Rhy! Rhyhoooorn!

Jill: It can't be...

Scott: What can't be?

Jill: At the Pokemon Ressurection Center, Pokemon that acted like this were related somehow... Could my Rhydon and your Rhyhorn be.. Related? 

Zach: Well... I guess it's possible... this Rhyhorn had a LOT of family members when I first met it.

Kevin: That's so cool!

Jill: Wow.... It sure is a small world.

Scott: Well, we should really get back to the Pokemon Center now.

Zach: Yeah... I need a good rest, and so do our Pokemon.

Kevin: I agree.

Scott, Zach, Jill, and Kevin all go to the Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy: Back so soon?

Scott: We sort of got into a dirty situation. Anyway, please heal our Pokemon.

Nurse Joy: Of course!

Zach: I think I could... fall

Zach falls asleep standing up.

Kevin: ...Hm...HM...HAHAHAA!

Kevin starts laughing uncontrollably.

Jill: Kevin, ssh! 

Scott: Haha! C'mon, Jill! That's funny!

Scott starts laughing, and is eventually joined by Jill.

Zach wakes up, and falls backwards.

Zach: Wha-what just- ...I fell asleep, didn't I?

Scott: Yes you did!

Scott and Jill keep laughing, even more then before.

Kevin: I'm sorry Zach, it's just too funny!

Zach: Yeah yeah yeah, it's SOOO funny. I need some sleep. I'm going to my room.

Zach walks off to his rented room.

Kevin: ...It's still too funny to stop laughing! Oh, and Jill, I found a pair of glasses just like your old ones!

Kevin pulls a glasses' case out of his pocket, and opens it. He then puts the glasses on Jill, then hands the case to Jill.

Kevin: Heh... Even covered in dust and dirt, still really pretty...

Jill: Aaaaw! Thank you so much! 

Jill blushes, and tries to hide it by covering her face.

Scott: Oh wait! Zach!

Kevin: Heh, no problem!

Zach turns around.

Zach: Yeah? What's up Scott?

Scott: I just wanted to say that i'm glad you got your Rhyhorn back.

Zach: I couldn't have done it without you buddy. I'm glad you had my back. Without you, Team Rocket's headquarters wouldn't be out of use. Thanks man.

Zach shakes Scott's hand.

Scott: You too. You have... Completely changed how I see Pokemon and  you have even taught me some good battling styles. It was good to meet you.

Zach: It was good to meet you too. I hope we meet again someday.

Scott: So do I!

Zach: See ya, Scott.

Zach walks off, towards his room.

Scott: I hope I am like Zach when I get older.

Scott walks back to Jill and Kevin.

Kevin: I gotta go. I hope I see you again one day Jill. You too Scott.

Kevin quickly kisses Jill on the cheek, then runs off down the hall, towards his room.

Scott: Ooh! Jill's got a boyfriend!

Jill: Oh cut it out! 

Scott: Zach and Kevin. Pretty cool guys!

Jill: Yes they are.


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