Scarr is the leader of Team Avalon and main antagonist of Pokemon Island.


Scarr, the former owner of the Kensai International Factory located in Kensai City in the Benya region, was in a serious accident that changed him forever. When a wild Pokemon entered the factory, one of the machines went haywire and exploded. Scarr had most of his lower face removed. He tried to beg other factory employees for help, but they, along with everyone rejected him. In his insanity, he left his love Astraea thinking she would  leave him because of what he turned into. His plan while Team Avalon is formed is to cause what happened to him with the other factories of Benya. His mask is like a version of life support.


Scarr has regular length black hair, and a mechanical face mask that moves like a mouth and seems mouth-like. It's currently unkown what his actual mouth looks like.


Scarr is very angry because of what happened to him.

Trainer cardEdit

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