004 Sauflame
Body Type Sausage
Abilities Unknown
Episode First Shown in The Mopthro Journey Begins!
First Known Owner Unknown
First Game Appeared in
Type Fire
National Dex Number P004

Sauflame is the fanon fire-type starter for Pokemon Techno and Steampunk. At level 14, Sauflame evolves into Flamage, who evolves into Burnbun at level 29.


Sauflame is 2' tall. It looks like a red sausage with a firey belly and a flaming head. It has light red sausage arms, with tan tips. The bottom of his body has tin tims too. Sauflame has neon yellow eyes.


Mopthro JourneysEdit

Professor Acacia's Sauflame appears in The Mopthro Journey Begins!. It is unknown if it gets a new trainer.


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