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Rocket and Scout is the fourth episode of the second season of Adventures In Kanto.


The story starts with Scout, Cassidy and Butch entering a burned down mansion on Cinnabar Island. 

Scout: So, what are we looking for?

Butch: Information on Mewtwo, for the millionth time!

The three each pull out large flashlights and turn them on.

Cassidy: Now, let's split up and search for anything that helps us find Mewtwo.

Scout: Alright, KK.

The three slip up. Scout looks in the collapsed bookshelves, Cassidy searches the floor, and Butch searches the rest of the building.

Scout: I expected that my first mission on Team Rocket would be more exciting.

Butch: Aw, shut up.

Scout rummage through a bookshelf, and comes across a journal.

Scout: Hmm....

Scout flips through the book, and finds a photograph of Mewtwo. Scout reads the words on the next page.

Scout: Guys, listen to this. " Day 67. Mewtwo is finally complete. It was born of a pregnant Mew. It seems much bigger than Mew. It has a humanoid posture, but has some feline features. Oddly enough, it has a tube extending from the back of its skull to its spine. I imagine this is used as a system of nerves to increase blood flow and transmission to the brain. We can only hope for-" then there is a bunch of missing pages and then there is this, "Day 92. Mewtwo had lost his mind. He slaughtered everyone. I'm lucky to be alive. I only survived by escaping with a boat, but some other members were not so lucky. Mewtwo is still there, at ______ Island, most likely cloning Pokemon. Me and Miyamoto talked it through and we are returning tommorow to try ro capture Mewtwo."

Cassidy: And??

Scout: That's it.

Butch: Where was Mewtwo? What island?

Scout: It's too smudged. I can't read it.

Cassidy: Okay, let's keep that. That's important. Let's keep searching though.

Scout: Here, Ben. Hold this.

Butch: It's BUTCH. B.U.T.C.H. Butch.

Scout: 'Aight, Butch. Hold this!

Scout hands the paper to Butch, and Butch, Cassidy and Scout keep searching the mansion.

Butch: Be better get promotions after this!

Scout: SSSSHHHH!!!! Close your face hole.

Butch: ...

Cassidy: I... I think I found something!

Scout: Oooh! Really?

Scout and Butch stand around Cassidy, who is holding up a large map. 

Cassidy: It's a map of.... The Orange Islands. The island that the man was talking about must be one of these islands. We gotta search ALL of them.

Scout: All of them? Really!?

Cassidy: Yeah. Really

The scene changes to Scott and Jill resting on a bench. Scott is cleaning his badges. Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Eevee are playing.

Scott: I'm glad Squirtle is getting active!

Jill: Yeah. 

Squirtle gently pushes Bulbasaur.

Scott: Three badges! Heck yeah. IN YOUR FACE, TONY!!

Jill laughs.

Scott rubs his badges with a cloth.

Scott: There! Nice and shiny!

Jill: Great! Ready to go?

Scott: Nah. Let's let my Pokemon have some fun!

Jill: Okay!

Squirtle: Sq...Sweeeer.

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Jill picks up Eevee and starts petting her behind the ear.

Eevee: Eeeeev! Eeevv.

Scott: Ya' know. I'm gonna go try to train Squirtle!

Jill: Already?

Scott: Yeah. It needs to become tough!

Jill: Alright then.

Scott bends down near Squirtle.

Scott: Hey, Squirtle. Can you use Hyper Beam??

Squirtle just walks away and falls over.

Jill: Really? Hyper Beam? 

Scott: What?

Jill: Only fully evolved Pokemon can learn Hyper Beam....

Scott: Oh.... That explains it!

The scene changes back to the Team Rocket trio, Butch, Cassidy and Scout, talking with Giovanni with a laptop.

Scout: We like, totally found a map to the Orange Islands!

Cassidy: Let me do the talking!

Cassidy pushes Scout out of the way.

Cassidy: Um... What he said.

Giovanni: So? Why would we need that?

Butch: A man wrote about Mewtwo being on an island, and it is probably in the Orange Islands.

Cassidy: Did you not just hear me?

Cassidy pushes Butch out of the way.

Cassidy: What he said.

Giovanni: Excellent. I will work out the details later. Return to Headquarters immediatly. 

Scout: Okee dokey.

Cassidy closes the laptop.

Scout: So.... How do we get back?

Cassidy: I don't know.

Butch: The S.S. Anne will be back tommorow. I guess we gotta stay on Cinnabar Island.

Cassidy: Wait... WHAT!? But... I didn't bring my hairspray! NOOOOOOOOO!!

Scout: Just use mud!

Cassidy: .... You are disgusting.

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