Rise is the latest series by Dakota.

Trailer Edit

[NARRATOR]: Darkness has fallen over the world.

[A clip of the Earth moving in front of the Sun, creating a dark shadow is shown.]

[NARRATOR]: Legendaries have been corrupted, and all but Arceus and Hoopa have been turned evil.

[Groudon is shown rampaging through a town, volcanic cracks and crevices appearing around it.]

[NARRATOR]: Now, five must rise. An Ace Trainer from Kalos

[Chris is shown with his Floatzel.]

An Elite Four Member's Protege.

[Akira is shown with Absol by his side.]

[NARRATOR]: A budding Pokemon Breeder who hasn't found her way yet.

[Hazel is shown with her Mawile.]

[NARRATOR]: A world famous Pokemon Trainer.

[Miles and his Manectric are shown.]

[NARRATOR]: And the Champion of the Mixas Region.

[Dakota and Lucas are shown next to each other.]

[NARRATOR]: Together, they must uncover the secrets behind the shadows and save the world they took for granted.

Episodes Edit

  1. Reunion
  2. Departure
  3. Starting the Search
  4. Clues

Characters Edit

Leaks and News Edit

On 9/16/16, this series was confirmed, along with a trailer and the four main characters, Akira Winchester, Hazel Chase, Miles Jackson, and Dakota.

There are rumored to be about six or seven seasons, each in a new region.

Backstories and flashback episodes will not be rare.

On 9/23/16, the central plot was changed to where only legendaries were being turned, not every Pokemon.

On 9/25/16, a picture of a trainer with light-brown hair, blue eyes, semi-tan skin, a blue hoodie an gray shirt, and jeans. Next to him was a Floatzel, Skarmory, Glalie, Pyroar, Bayleaf, and Zorua. He has been the first character to have a full team released but the last main character to have their name released.

That same day, quite of bit of information was released about the characters. Akira was revealed to have a Mightyena and to be Sidney's Protegé, Hazel was revealed to have a Beautifly, Miles was revealed to have a Gardevoir and to be Brendon's pupil (who is the champion of Hoenn), and Dakota's sexuality was confirmed as straight, despite rumors from before. Dakota was also confirmed as the Champion of Mixas.

Also, the episodes were revealed to be written in paragraph format, straying from OmniDragon's usual dialogue.

On 9/29/16, the order of the regions was revealed in a tweet from the writer. The tweet was coded, but one person cracked it and revealed the order to be Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, Kalos, Unova, Sinnoh. On 9/30, this order was officially confirmed

On 9/30, the episodes were renamed. The first part of Reunion was also released, confirming the previously unnamed boy to be known as Chris.