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Rockin' Brock Tag Team Trouble
Seventh episode of Zach's Kanto Journey.


Zach is just walking into Route 3, so he can get to Cerulean City 

Zach: Bulbasaur, you feeling nice and rested?

Bulbasaur: Bulba bulba!

Bulbasaur nods, and begins to run.

Zach: Wait up!

Zach runs after Bulbasaur, when a young boy comes out of nowhere.

Young Boy: My name is Kevin Roberts! Can you battle me please? I need to get some experience!

Zach: Uh, sure! My name is Zachary Willsone!

Kevin: Can we do this new thing, called a Rapid Fire Battle?

Zach: Rapid Fire Battle?

Kevin: It's this new battle technique where you send out a Pokemon, each Pokemon does one attack, then they swap  to another Pokemon. The way to win is to knock out more than half of your opponent's Pokemon. So if it was a 4 on 4, it would be 3 Pokemon KOs to win.

Zach: Sounds cool. How many Pokemon?

Kevin: How about 3 on 3?

Zach: Seems good to me! Let's do this!

Kevin: Go, Pidgey!

Zach: Go, Poliwag!

They both send out their Pokemon.

Zach: Poliwag, Water Gun!

Poliwag's Water Gun lands a direct hit.

Kevin: Gust!

Pidgey's Gust blows Poliwag into a tree.

Kevin: SWITCH!

Zach and Kevin withdraw their Pokemon, then send out their next ones.

Zach: Bulbasaur!

Kevin: Rattata!

They both send out their Pokemon, with Bulbasaur running to the battle and Rattata coming out of its Pokeball.

Rattata: Ratta! RATTATA!

Bulbasaur: Bulba...saur...

Zach: Hey, that's the same Rattata we battled before! For practice!

Kevin: Really? Sweet! Use Quick Attack!

Rattata uses a Quick Attack, and Bulbasaur jumps out of the way.

Zach: Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!

Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip, and it hits Rattata in the head, making Rattata barely conscious.

Zach: Come back!

Kevin: You too, Rattata!

They take back their Pokemon, then send out their next ones.

Kevin: Go, Caterpie!

Zach: Go, Scyther! Use Wing Attack!

Wing Attack lands a direct hit, taking out Caterpie.

Kevin: Noooo! Return!

Zach: One down!

Kevin: Fine, lets go, Rattata!

Zach: Return, and go, Poliwag!

They send out their Pokemon.

Zach: Poliwag, Water Gun!

Water Gun lands a direct hit, and takes out Rattata.

Zach: Return! I win!

Kevin: Aw man! Good job!

Zach: You did good too!

Kevin: Can you take me with you? I wanna explore the Kanto Region!

Zach: Yeah, sure! Let's go!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Kevin: Thanks man!

Kevin and Zach walk off, with Bulbasaur at their side.

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