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Ferry to Mopthro Kungkiwi's Farfetch'd!


Ash, Pikachu, and Pug run out of the Pokemon center. A man aproaches them.

???: I am assuming you just arrived here, hmm?

Ash: Yea.

???: Welcome to Mopthro, hmm. I am Professor Maple. Please come and get your starter Pokemon, hmm?

Ash, Pug: ALRIGHT!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Maple led them into his lab and held out three Pokeballs.

Maple: The three starter Pokemon of this region are, hmm, Paddlepug, *A beam comes out of the first ball, and a Paddlepug appears* Sausflame, *He held out the second ball, a Sausfalme appeared* and Hovergulp. *The last ball contained a Hovergulp*

Pug: I call Hovergulp! He's sooo cool!

Ash: Then I call Paddlepug!

Sausflame: (Forever alone)

Maple holds out the balls and the three starters get sucked back in. He handed Pug the Hovergulp ball and Ash the Paddlepug ball.

Maple: There you go! Have a nice day, hmm?

Pug: We will!

They ran out of the lab. A flat-faced dog with a curly tail walked in front of them. Ash got out his Pokedex.

Pug: You know that won't work. That's a pug-dog.

Ash: I know, but I still want to see if it'll work.

Ash scans the dog.

Ash's Dex: Pug, the curly-tailed dog. This is not a Pokemon, but pug-dogs make exellent companions nonetheless.

Pug: I don't believe it!

Pug scans the dog. The dog tilts his head.

Pug's Dex: Pug, the curly-tailed dog. Though not a Pokemon, pug-dogs are worshipped in the Mopthro region. They make exellent lap-dogs.

Pug: Heh, weird.

Ash sent out Paddlepug. Seing this, Pug sent out Hovergulp.

Paddlepug: Paddeh, Paddeh pug!

Hovergulp: Hovaaaaah gulp!

Pug: ERMURGURSH DEYRE SO CUTE!!! Ash, let's have a 2-on-2 battle!

Ash: Ok!

They walked to a place out of the way in the town and sent out their Pokemon.

Pikachu: Pika!

Quagsire: Sire!

Paddlepug: Pug!

Hovergulp: Gulp!

Pug: Hovergulp use Iron Leaf on Paddlepug!

Ash: Pikachu, block it with Iron Tail!

The two attacks collide with eachother, knocking the users back.

Ash: Paddlepug use tackle on Hovergulp!

Paddlepug: Pu-PADDPUG!

Paddlepug tackles Hovergulp, knocking him unconcious.

Pug: Oh no! Return, Hovergulp! *He holds up Hovergulps's ball and he is sucked into it.* Quagsire, use Mud Bomb on Pikachu!

Quagsire: Quaaaaaaaaag...SIIIAR!!!!

Quagsire shot a ball of mud onto Pikachu. It hits him, and he is knocked unconcious.

Ash: PIKACHU! Paddlepug, use Tackle on Quagsire!

Paddlepug tackles Quagsire, and dust covers the screen. When the dust clears, Paddlepug is sitting on the unconcious Quagsire.

Pug: *sigh* Return, Quagsire!

Quagsire is sucked into his ball.

Pug: Well that was fun! Let's go heal are Pokemon and look for a gym!

Ash: Yea!



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