Pug Gurgleback is a character in Pokemon Region of Pugs, and one of Ash's companions.

Trainer Card, Fletchling sprite by Kyle-Dove


Pug has spiky brown hair and white skin. He wears a blue hoodie and blue shoes. He has gray pants.


Pug has not won any badges yet.


  • Quagsire ~ Quagsire was Pug's father's Pokemon. He was given to his son when Pug left Johto to go to Mopthro.
    • Moves ~ Mud Bomb ~ Mud Shot ~ Water Gun
  • Hovergulp ~ The starter Pokemon given to him by Professor Maple.
    • Moves ~ Iron Leaf
  • Fletchling ~ Pug caught a Fletchling in Kungkiwi's Farfetch'd!.
    • Moves ~ Unknown


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