Body Type Mace
Abilities Poison Point, Swift Swim
Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Water/Poison
National Dex Number B059
Porcufish evolves from Qwilfish at level 28 in Pokemon Bio Version and Pokemon Mecha Version. It is native to the Biotri Region.


Porcufish has a mace-like body. Its main body is rounded, with spikes coming out at random angles. Its main body is split in half with two colors, a tan color, and a dark blue color. It has a hilt-like tail, outlined in a light blue, with the center being tan. It has two light blue ovals on the tan part of its tail. It also has a pink mouth.




Lvl.0- Poison Spikes, Spikes, Tackle

Lvl.6- Poison Sting

Lvl.8- Water Gun

Lvl.14- Rollout

Lvl.21- Stockpile

Lvl.24- Spit Up, Swallow

Lvl.28- Brine

Lvl.37- Take Down

Lvl.41- Aqua Tail

Lvl.47- Poison Jab

Lvl.52- Hydro Pump

Lvl.59- Aqua Bomb

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