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This page is for any fanon moves on the wiki. Feel free to add yours here! In fact, make sure you add yours here so that people know what these moves are supposed to do! (Yes, I'm talking to you, Shiratori) HOWEVER, treat these moves like you would characters: do not replicate them without permission from the creator.

Thunder Bomb

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Raikou (Draconai's), Axel (Yue's)

Used in: Aura Alpha, Showdown in Kanto: Yue vs Draconai, Chaos on Route 6: Yue and Draco vs Aura Alpha!

Effect: The user charges itself with electricity. In humid conditions, the next time something makes contact with the user, the electricity is discharged, electrifying the surrounding atmosphere. The electricity then condenses and causes an flat-out explosion.

Cleansing Phyre

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Entei (Draconai's)

Used in: Aura Alpha

Effect: The user dispels a sacred fire. If the fire makes contact with a teammate, it heals them; if it makes contact with an opponent, it damages them.

Psychic Mind

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Mewtwo (Draconai's)

Effect: Breaks into opponents mind and immobilizes them by making them see their worst fear.

Battlefield Meteor

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Deoxys (Draconai's)

Effect: Turns the battlefield into an asteroid belt in a meteor shower, although the combatants are able to breathe.

Myth Summon

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Regigigas (Draconai's)

Effect: Summons the Regis to aid Regigigas in battle, usually only for a single strike.

Aura Techniques

Main Article: Aura Lucario#Abilities

Creator: Draconai

Used by: Aura Lucario

Used in: Aura Alpha, Chaos on Route 6: Yue and Draco vs Aura Alpha!

Effect: Various

Wood Wack

Creator: Wodchu

Used by: Wodchu

Used in: nothing yet

Effect: Wodchu run up to oppoent, takes wood part off mouth and hits oppoent

Draconai's Combination Moves

Hydro Storm

Type: Water/Ice

User: Feraligatr (Jutsu's)

Moves involved: Hydro Cannon, Blizzard, Aqua Ring

Effect: User forms a blizzard, then leaps into the air, the Aqua Ring drawing the blizzard into a protective orb of icicles around him. Then the sphere is surrounded by a massive ring of water, which instantly transforms into a funnel. The blizzard and Hydro Cannon simultaneously fly forward, then strike the opponent with the force of a thousand flash floods. The icicle orb still remains.

Ultra Torch

Type: Fire/Rock

User: Blaziken (Jutsu's)

Moves involved: Blast Burn, Rock Tomb, Agility

Effect: User summons jets of fire from the ground to form a protective shield, then dances in place to build speed. Heated rocks burst from the jets of flame like an explosion, both forming a huge rock dome around the user and striking the opponent like a rock slide. Most times, the user will use the rock dome as a decoy and strike from behind.

Tornado Plant

Type: Grass/Poison

User: Venasaur (Jutsu's)

Moves involved: Leaf Storm, Frenzy Plant, PoisonPowder

Effect: User lets loose a lot of poisonus dust, then summons up a Leaf Storm, sending the dust everywhere as well as forming protection. Spiked Frenzy Plant vines grab the opponent and form a cage-like shield around the user as the the storm expands, then condenses on the opponent like a drill.


Type: Electric (Defense)/Earth (Offense)

User: Raichu (Axoa's)

Moves involved: Earthquake, Volt Tackle, Magnitude

Effect: User summons an Earthquake, then charges forward in a Volt Tackle. Every step increases the magnitude of the earthquake until it reaches Magnitude 9, at which point the user leaps into the air, then lands on the other side of their target, shaking the earth one more time as the user slams into their target.

Heavy Speaker

Creator: Bmw6446

Type: Dark/Normal

User: None ( At the moment )

Moves involved: Snarl, Screech, Growl, Roar

Effect: The user yells as loud as he/she can.

Blackmagic Formation

Type: Dark/Fighting

User: Absol, Sableye (Doom's)

Moves involved: Double Team, Night Slash, Focus Punch, Fury Attack

Effect: User vanishes with the dark power in Night Slash, then multiplies before reappearing with a multihit combination of Night Slash and Focus Punch.

Shadowfire Formation

Type: Dark/Fire

User: Houndoom (Doom's)

Moves involved: Faint Attack, Fire Blast, Flamethrower

Effect: User dashes forward with Faint Attack, ramming the foe. As soon as the attack connects, fire flares up around the user's body, then condenses into a star, which the user propells with Flamethrower.

Blackice Formation

Type: Dark/Ice

User: Sharpedo (Doom's)

Moves involved: Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Hydro Pump

Effect: User unleashes a mix of Dark Pulse wave and spinning Hydro Pump, soaking the opponent and possibly stunning it. The user then unleashes another Dark Pulse mixed with Ice Beam, which freezes the foe in black ice.

More moves by a wiki guest

Low Fury

The lower the hp of you the more damage. The higher the less.

Pokemon able to use: Dragonite, Alteria, Mew

Shiratori's Created Moves

Creator Attack Name Attack Information Type
User:Shiratori Cullen Starthrower The user fires a large fire blast at the target. (upgraded Overheat) Fire
User:Shiratori Cullen Starcry Punch The user slams into the target with a fiery fist. (upgraded fire punch) Fighting
User:Shiratori Cullen Dragon Force User blast a intense energy blast of Draconian aura. Dragon
User:Shiratori Cullen Dragon Cannon The user fires a white hot beam at the target. Dragon
User:Shiratori Cullen Gaia Fissure The user dive bombs the target at mach speeds. Flying
User:Shiratori Cullen Thunder Blast The user glows with an electric aura then focuses it in its mouth, firing a large electrified pulse at the opponent, this attack requires a brief recharge time afterwards. Electric (Hyperbeam type move)
User:Shiratori Cullen Magma Core The user coats itsself in fire and heals about 1/2 to 2/3 of its total hp Fire
User:Shiratori Cullen Sunspot The user fires a solarbeam type blast that causes burn condition no matter what. Fire

Moves Improvised and/or Combination Moves

Attack Name Attack Information User Moves Involved General Type Combination / Improvisation
Dragon Formation The user gets enveloped in electrical energy and slams into the target. Jolteon (Axel) Volt Tackle, Pin Missile, Extreme Speed Electric Combo Move
Lightning Rush Formation The user gets enveloped in electrical energy, the next electrical attack gets super powered. Jolteon (Axel) Charge, Volt Tackle,Discharge ,1 other electric type move. Electric Combo Move
Maelstrom Formation The user flies super fast creating a large twister of gale force winds, when it releases it the twister expands enveloping all in its path. Pheopterix Whirlwind, Extreme Speed and Agility Flying Combo Move
Sky Formation The user is bathed in a powerful aura then moves with blinding speed towards their opponent, the aura takes the shape of Lugia and then slams into the opponent. Karozur / Pheopterix (Karozur) - Dragon Dance, Giga impact, and Extreme Speed. (Pheopterix) - Extreme Speed, Bravebird, and Skyattack None Combo move

Pokemon able to use: Dragonite, Alteria, Mew

TreonCreators's Created Moves

Attack Name Attack Information Type Damage
Life Blast

The user creates a powerful blast with life energy that can cause alot of damage to an opponent and heal allies.

(Liragon's signature move)



(Critical-hit does 500 damage.)

Death Void

The user attacks with a dark energy. This is a 1-hit KO move that cannot miss and always goes first.

(Spihydra's signature move)


1-hit KO

(Does 250 damage against Liragon.)

Draco Beam The user shoots a beam that contains explosive energy. It's power doubles when used in succesion. Dragon


Roar of Space

The user does a powerful roar that can distort space.

(Pialga's signature move)

Only in the Backwards Dimension (Sinnoh)

Dragon 150
Galaxy Rend

The user unleashes a shockwave that can control time.

(Dralkia's signature move)

Only in the Backwards Dimension (Sinnoh)

Dragon 120
Fusion Freeze

The user goes into a ball of chilling ice, then launches itself at the opponent.

(Signature move of Special Kyurem, replaces Glaciate)

Ice 120
Portal Rift Opens a portal to another dimension/location. Psychic
Object Morph Turns any inanimate object into anything the user wants. Normal

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