Users must comply with all rules to do so. Failure to do that can result in a warning, chat ban, temporary block, or permanent block. If on chat, you get one warning then a kick then a ban. On wiki content, you get two warnings then a block. Also see the chat rules.

General Rules
  • If admins forbid you from doing something, don't do it.
    • Depending on the severity of what you've done, it will result in a warning, chat ban, or block.
  • Don't do anything illegal guys. No cyberbullying, harrasment, etc.
  • Be polite and kind to other users.
  • Do not start arguments, especially concerning real-life topics.
  • Trolling, or purposely being annoying, can result in a warning.
  • Advertising is okay but please don't overdo it.
  • Do not ask for rights, guys. You're not gonna get them.
Profanity Rules
  • If your series contains cuss words or high sexual content, make sure to put the R rating on your series' page.
  • Profanity/cuss words are not allowed whatsoever on userpages, blogs, or forums.
  • Cussing is only allowed on message walls if censored.
    • ​Failure to comply will first result in a warning, then another warning, then a block.
Editing Rules
  • No editing just to get badges.
  • This includes changing the word 'the' to 'a' regarding a Pokemon's species.
  • Do not spam edit the same page with minor edits rapidly.
  • No vandalization of any pages.
    • This will result in an instant block.
Content Rules
  • Do not intentionally steal from other people without permission, even if they're on another site.
    • This includes but is not limited to series, episodes, characters, and images.
  • Images should not include pornographic, inappropriate, or gruesome things. Any pictures that have suggestively sexual themes or excessive blood will be deleted.
  • Do not discriminate any other users in your content.
  • Only English is allowed on this wiki.
  • Userpages have the same rules as normal articles.
Account Rules
  • You are only allowed to edit with one account on this wiki. If you have more than one, inform us so we can block your secondary account. Informing us first will not result in a penalty. If we find out on our own it can result in a warning.
  • If you need to switch accounts for any reason whatsoever, please let an admin know first.
  • Do not ban-evade. This is making "sock puppets", accounts with different IP adresses, in order to get around bans. It will result in a perma ban for both accounts.
  • Please try not to share accounts with other people.

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