This page is for positive reviews by users about the person who has recently become Featured User. Any negative reviews will either be edited and have the negative part removed, or even have the entire review deleted entirely.

NOTE: This page is not a voting page. To vote for the next Featured User, please go here.

October 2015: Yoponot

  • Yopo is a great guy, and I also know him from BTFF. Congrats on featured user and recently becoming chat-mod! - Rob

November 2015: Dioga beta

  • Congrats on being featured, Dioga! Also, thanks for being active :P - Rob

January 2016: Will

  • Pls come back soon Will :( - Rob

October 2016: Scooter

  • Scooter has been a good friend of mine on Wikia for the longest time. He was a big part in making this wiki what it is now and we have thrived greatly in thanks to him. - Rob
  • Scooter has helped the wiki get founded and get advertised in the first place. Although i had my fights with him way back, i've realized he is to thank for alot of this wiki.

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