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Rocket and Scout Two Times The Fun

Pokemon, Bon Appetit! is the fifth episode of the second season of Adventures In Kanto.


The story starts with Scott and Jill standing outside a restraunt. 

Scott: Jill, we have GOT to eat here!

Jill: No way! I'm not eating POKEMON!

Scott: Jill, c'mon!! It's not meat or anything! See look at the sign!

Scott points to a sign on the window, showing Pokemon from differant regions.

Jill: Well... Maybe we can check it out.

Jill and Scott enter the building, and a well dressed man confronts them.

Man: May I take you to your seats?

Scott: Yeah!

The man leads them across the building, crossing several tables alog the way.

Tony: SCOTT!!

Scott turns to see Tony and Emily sitting at a table.

Tony: Scott! Come over here! Sit with us!

Scott: We're gonna sit with them!

Man: Of Course.

Scott and Jill sit down next to Emily and Tony.

Emily: Oh. It's you two. 

Emily glares at Scott.

Jill: What are you two doing here?

Tony: We came here to try the exotic food!

Emily: Yeah.

Emily ducks underneath the table, and pulls out her Squirtle.

Scott: Oh yeah, you have a Squirtle, too! 

Scott shows Emily his Squirtle.

Emily: That's a SQUIRTLE? That is tiny. Hahahahahaha! Pathetic.

Scott: Hey! He almost died, and he can beat your Squirtle any day!

Emily's Squirtle: Squirtle!

Emily: Oh really!? Let's go! 

Jill: Scott, Squirtle isn't strong enough to battle!

Emily: Ha. I knew it.

Scott: Jill, stop doing that!

Tony: Here's the menu.

Tony hands the fancy-looking menu to Scott. Bulbasaur, Eevee, and the two Squirtles run around underneath the table.

Scott: Woah! Everything sounds so good! Exotic Berry Milkshake with Miltank Milk, Snoverberries, Oran Berries and Nanab Berries with a hint of Combee honey! That sounds good!

Jill: Nooo! No dessert this early in the day!

Scott: Fiiiiine!

Tony: Ha! Who is she, your mom? 

Tony laughs.

Scott: Fine. How about..... The Pokemon Pizza, with cheese made out of Miltank milk, and Tamato Berry sauce.

Tony: Cool! That's what I was getting!

Emily: What are YOU getting, Jill?

Jill: I'll have the Berry Sallad.

Emily: And I will have the Pizza as well.

Jill: I'll go order!

Jill gets up.

Scott: Be sure to get food for the Pokemon!

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Jill walks away.

Tony: Seriously, Scott. How on earth did you manage to find a puny little Squirtle like that? I mean, how can it even be tough enough to fight?

Emily nods her head.

Scott: He can't fight yet.

Tony: What!? Why would you want a Pokemon that can't fight!? 

Scott: I, other than you, care about my Pokemon, and I don't care how tough they are.

Tony: Pfft. Whatever.

Scott: Did you see the Quarter Finals of the Kanto Cup?

Tony: Yeah! I did.

Scott: NO! I missed it! Who won?

Tony: My guy. Jamie Smith.

Scott: NOOOOOOOOOOO! You mean..... He beat Steven Bush?

Tony: Yep. Creamed him.

Scott: Dangit.....

Tony: I told you he was gonna lose! He used his Charizard at the last second to knock out Steve's Venusaur. It was so cool, and the best part is, I get to brag about it because you missed it!

Scott: Oh, shut up.

Jill: Okay, done. The food should be ready in 10 to 15 minutes.

Jill walks over and sits down a bit too close to Scott.

Tony: Ha.

Scott: Yuck! Scoot over!

Jill: Oh, sorry.

Jill scoots further away from Scott.

Tony: You should battle me.

Scott: Yeah, I should!

Tony: After we eat, let's go outside and battle!

Scott: Yeah!

Emily: Let me join in, too. I wanna see how blondie fights.

Jill: Oh no, I don't battle with Pokemon.

Scott: C'mon, Jill! I've see you do it before and your really good! You gotta do it!

Jill: Fine.

Emily: So a double battle.

Tony: Yep.

Jill: So, what were you two talking about?


Jill: ..... Can you tell me what "THE BEST T.V. SHOW IN HISTORY" Is?

Scott: The Kanto Cup. We always watched it before we started out journey. I would come over to his house and watch it. My favorite guy was a dude called Steven Bush. He is my inspiration. He is the reason I started my journey.

Tony: I thought you started because of-

Scott punches Tony in the arm before he could finish talking.

Tony: That didn't hurt....

Scott: Yeah. I always get my ideas and tacticts from Steven Bush.

Jill: That's cool!

A Machamp walks over, carrying a 3 large pizzas, a bowl of sallad, and four bowls of Pokemon Food.

Scott: Cool, A Pokemon Waiter!

The Machamp hands them all their food.

Machamp: Machamp!!

Scott: Let's dig in!

They all begin eating there food.

Jill: My.... This is so delicious!

Scott: I know! I wish mom's food tasted like this!

Tony: Pfft. You eat slowly. I can finish mine faster!

Scott: Not true!

The two start shoving Pizza slices in their mouths, and Jill and Emily just sit down, eating peacefully.

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