Body Type Penguin
Abilities Torrent

Defiant (Hidden)

Episode First Shown in Following A Maiden's Voyage!
First Known Owner Dawn
First Game Appeared in
Type Water
National Dex Number

Piplup evolves into Prinplup at level 16, and then into Empoleon at level 36.


Piplup is a penguin-like Pokemon. It's main body is a light blue, with a mostly darker blue head. It's face is white, and it has two yellow feet. It has a yellow beak. It also has two large, dark blue eyes with black pupils.


Platinum: Zach's NuzlockeEdit

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Pound
  • Growl
  • Bubble
  • Water Sport
  • Peck
  • Bubblebeam
  • Bide
  • Fury Attack
  • Brine
  • Whirlpool
  • Mist
  • Drill Peck
  • Hydro Pump

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