is the pilot of Pokemon Truth and Destiny.


Truth and Destiny are in Pewter City.

(Destiny): Truth, we have to leave this town soon. The Rockets will figure out we're here.

(Truth): Relax, Dez. Charmander will own them so hard if they try to get us.

Destiny is the shy type. She has a fear of mostly everything. But, she knows alot. Truth is sort of the opposite. He's only afraid of Ghost-types. He's a great chef and adventurer, but is sorta dumb.

Destiny's Skitty walked up to her and purred.

(Destiny): Still...

Destiny saw something out of the corner of her eye.

(Destiny, whispering): An E-e-ekans....

(Truth, whispering): So?

(Destiny): Team Rocket usually have Ekans...

(Truth): Charmander, SMOKESCREEN!


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