Body Type Hairy Pig
Abilities Oblivious/Snow Cloak Thick Fat (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Celebi: Voice of the Forest
First Known Owner Nurse Joy
First Game Appeared in
Type Ice/Ground
National Dex Number 221
 Swinub evolved into Piloswine at level 33. It evolves into Mamoswine when AncientPower is learned. It is the Swine Pokemon.


Mamoswine resembles a lumpy, furry boar. It has brown fur, a pink nose, and a tusk coming out on either side of the nose. It has long ears, and fur covering it's eyes.


Memémon: Swinub's Big BrotherEdit

Swinub's lazy older brother. His only appearance was in Bandit Trouble.

Pokémon Tales Edit


  • AncientPower
  • Peck
  • Odor Sleuth
  • Mud Sport
  • Powder Snow
  • Mud Sport
  • Mud-Slap
  • Endure
  • Mud Bomb
  • Icy Wind
  • Ice Fang
  • Take Down
  • Fury Attack
  • Mist
  • Thrash
  • Earthquake
  • Blizzard
  • Amnesia