'Peter's Ledyba
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Peter's Ledyba
Debuts in First Catches
Caught at Route 29
Gender Female*
Ability Unknown
Current location With Peter
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Ledyba Unknown

Ledyba is a Pokémon owned by Peter Parker. She is his first caught Pokémon.

The Legend of Spinarak-Man Edit

In First Catches, Ledyba was being harassed by a Spearow. Peter and Harry having seen this defended her with Peter's Spinarak and Harry's Cyndaquil both driving the Spearow off. Ledyba was a little scared upon seeing them, but Peter showed his kindness to her by offering her a bowl of Pokémon food which she likes. Peter then carried Ledyba when the group were chased by a flock of Spearows. While hiding in a cave, Peter notices that Ledyba is feeling very weak because of it's attack from Spearow and felt that she needs to be taken to a Pokémon Center. Ledyba then begin to admire Peter's bravery when he and Spinarak attempted to defend Harry and Cyndaquil from the Spearows, and gets in front of them to use Super Sonic which confuses most of the flock. After the Spearows were driven away by Pineco, Ledyba wants to come with Peter. Peter catches her, accepting her into his team.

In Reunion in Cherrygrove, Ledyba was healed by Nurse Joy when Peter and Harry head into the Pokémon Center. She is later seen eating alongside Peter and Harry's Pokémon.

In A Worm to Catch, Ledyba was seen eating along with the rest of the trainers' Pokémon. Ledyba then took part in a battle against Don's Venonat. She was able to defeat Venonat winning the battle. 

In The First Gym Challenge, Part 1, Ledyba was the first Pokémon that Peter used in his gym battle against Falkner. Since Ledyba can fly, she was able to match Hoothoot in the air. It then used Supersonic attack to confuse Hoothoot and attack with Tackle, but Hoothoot knocked her out of the sky with Peck. Ledyba then learned the move Swift when Hoothoot charged at her with another Peck attack. Ledyba then defeats Hoothoot with a Tackle attack. Ledyba then went against Falkner's Pidgeotto. Ledyba manage to attack Pidgeotto with Swift, but Pidgeotto easily defeats her with a Gust and Tackle attack. Ledyba then asks Peter let her watch his Gym Battle which he accepts.

Known MovesEdit

Move First Used In
Supersonic First Catches
Tackle A Worm to Catch
Swift The First Gym Challenge, Part 1