Body Type Fox
Abilities Flash Fire, Drought (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Electric Soldier Porygon
First Known Owner Blaine
First Game Appeared in
Type Fire
  • Ice/Fairy (Alola Region)
National Dex Number 38

Ninetales is the Fox Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Vulpix, and evolves from Vulpix with the use of a fire stone.


Ninetales, similar to a giant, cream colored fox, has nine tails. The tips of it's tails are orange. It has no claws, like Vulpix. It has a fluff of hair on it's forehead, like Vulpix, except it's being much more disorganized. It has a black nose like a kitten's, and red eyes with white pupils. It's head and to the neck is covered in an brushed, clean upper layer of hair.

Alolan NinetalesEdit

Since Ninetales in the Alola region live in snowy areas, the Pokemon is now an Ice-Type and its appearance better fits its typing. It's fur is an icy blue color, which turns white at its paws. It's nine tails are much more cloud-like, and are puffy and blue with white tips. It has a long tuft of swirly blue hair on its forehead, with another tuft of fur on it's neck. It's tiny nose is now dark blue, along with its eyes. AlolanNinetales

Fanon AppearancesEdit

Adventures In KantoEdit

Pokémon TalesEdit

Super Smash Bros: Battle! Edit

  • Ninetales appears as the Pokémon for Fox McCloud.
    • It appeared in Smash Begin! and Respect.
    • By working with Falco's Talonflame, the two can use the Final Smash Landmaster, combining their Flare Blitz's, and Ninetales' Hyper Beam.

The New Adventures Of Pokemon Trainer Red Edit


  • Ember
  • Tail Whip
  • Quick Attack
  • Roar