Position Trainer/Pokemon Activist
Age 22
First Appearance Rekishi, the Photon Commander
 Natural Harmonia Gropius (Japanese: ナチュラル・ハルモニア・グロピウス Nachuraru Harumonia Guropiusu) is the former leader of Team Plasma, and a believer in the concept of separate worlds for Humans and Pokemon.



during his early childhood, he was forced by his father to grow amongst abused Pokémon, thus growing resentful of humans. N then decided to become the "hero" of a Unova legend, a hero who once, along with the Legendary Pokémon Zekrom, fought many battles against people who stood against his views and successfully managed to unite people's hearts thus creating the Unova region. Later on, Ghetsis asks him for his help to separate Pokémon from humans, which he agrees to and is crowned King of Team Plasma by Ghetsis.

Years later, Team Plasma began what N called "the Great Initiative", where he planned to call on the power of the great legendary, Zekrom, in an attempt to create a whole new world for Pokemon to live in, separate from humans. He travelled the Unova region, spreading his concept. His journey eventually brought him to Nacrene City, where rumor said the Dark Stone that summons Zekrom lies. After taking the Dark Stone, he continued his preaching, working his way to Icirrus City, north of which is the Dragonspiral tower, the believed resting place of the great dragon. Upon arriving at the tower, he had his Team Plasma "grunts" surround it and guard the inside so he wouldn't be disturbed. He summoned Zekrom, just as a boy named Max arrived to try and stop him. N escaped on Zekrom's back, and travelled to his castle, where he awaited Max to return, believing him to be the person who would control Reshiram in the battle between truth and ideals.

When it came time, N battled the "Hero of Truth", but inevitably lost. This pushed him to leave his castle, and Team Plasma, as he discovered the plan created by Ghetsis to separate Humans and Pokemon was to make it easier for him to achieve world domination. Ghetsis was defeated by the hero, Max, leaving N guilt-free. He then traveled the world with Zekrom, watching people with their Pokemon, realizing that he was wrong all along, and that Pokemon wanted to be with Humans.


Shortly after the events in Unova, N decided to travel the world once again in order to clear his mind. While travelling the various regions, he taught a number of people that Pokemon aren't just tools, they're living beings. He also came into problems with police, who believed him to be working for the nefarious Team Plasma, despite having left it over two years prior. His travels eventually led him to the Terria region.

Pokemon NightfallEdit

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