Generation Pug Generation 1
Introduction Techno/Steampunk
Starter Pokemon Hovergulp, Sauflame, Paddlepug
Regional Professor Professor Acacia
Regional Villain Team Unknown
Series Mopthro Journeys
Mopthro is the region for Pokemon Techno and Steampunk. It is made by the Pug.


  • Taizo: The male player character
  • Nyssa: The female player character
  • Professor Acacia: The regional professor of Mopthro.

  • Herbie: The Grass Gym Leader of Pampalada Town.
  • Alphie: The Rock Gym Leader of Ouachita.
  • Osiris: The Ghost Gym Leader.
  • Spiral: The Fire Gym Leader.
  • Gym Leader.
  • Gym Leader.
  • Gym Leader.
  • Charles: The Water Gym Leader.

  • Ace: The Fairy Elite Four.
  • Ground Elite Four.
  • Evalina: The Pie Elite Four.
  • Thomas: The Time Elite Four.


map image coming soon :D


Your hometown. It is based off the town in Texas of the same name.

Intersection 1Edit

A path leading from Boerne that has two other paths that you can take.

Route 1Edit

A path that leads to Calocadda Cave. It is the path that will continue the story. It is the front path of Intersection 1. Pokemon: Happig, Farfetch'd, Zigzagoon, Sphird, Sundroop.

Route 2Edit

A path that leads across a bridge. On the other side is a small place with lots of grass. There are 1 or two Pokemon here that you cannot find otherwise. Pokemon: Wooper, Qwilfish, Happig.

Calocadda CaveEdit

The first cave, the player must journey through Calocadda Cave to get to Pampalada Town. Pokemon: Gravelow, Zubat, Crobat, CyndaquilStalagfright.

Pampalada TownEdit

The second town on your journey, and the first town with a gym, Pampalada Gym. Herbie is the gym leader, and gives the player a Neotama badge.

Ambystoma ForestEdit

After you earn the Neotama badge, you are allowed to proceed into the Ambystoma forest. The forest has very tall trees, which you can climb by ladder to get to other places. Some trees are connected by bridges. It is a large forest. Pokemon: Farfetch'd, Kungkiwi'd, Larvaslime, Pikachu, Cacgoo, Hoothoot, Parrotate.

Route 3Edit

A hilly route with lots of Garmot. At the beginning of Route 3 there is a girl who can heal your Pokemon. Route 3 is quite short. Pokemon: Garmot, Gravelow, Sphird, Smackaw.


The third town in Mopthro has a gym, with a gym leader who specializes in Rock-types: Alphie. Alphie gives the Alpis Badge to the player when beaten.

Route 4Edit

A sandy and twisty route. Pokemon: Garmot, Dunsparce, Eevee, Anquer, Fletchinder.

??? TownEdit

The fourth town in Mopthro is a deserted, western ghost town. It has a gym, with a ghost-type gym leader.


Mopthro has 2 series. The first is cancelled, the second being it's replacement.

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