Body Type Bird
Abilities Guts

Keen Eye

Episode First Shown in None
First Known Owner None
First Game Appeared in
Type Flying/Normal
National Dex Number B012
Moehawklett is a Flying/Normal-type. Moehawklett evolves into Moehawker at level 20, and then evolves into Moehawk at level 32. Moehawklett is native to the Biotri Region, which first appears in Pokemon Bio/Mecha Version.


Moehawkletts have orange beaks, and orange feet. They also have a kind of moehawk on the top of their head. Male Moehawkletts have dark red and dark gray feathers, while females have beige replaced the dark red, and a light blue replacing the dark gray. Their eyes also change. Males has beige eyes, while females have much lighter beige eyes.


Flare InsigniaEdit

Gale, a semi-main character, first appeared in Galeforce Winds.


Lvl.0- Tackle, Leer

Lvl.7- Quick Attack

Lvl.11- Peck

Lvl.15- Wing Attack

Lvl.18- Whirlwind

Lvl.21- Pluck

Lvl.26- Aerial Ace

Lvl.32- Brave Bird

Lvl.38- Giga Impact

Pokedex EntryEdit

Pokemon Bio VersionEdit

Moehawkletts vary in color depending on their gender. They sweep forest floors looking for bugs.

Pokemon Mecha VersionEdit

Moehawklett likes to live in tall trees, and will swoop down onto the forest floor when it sees a bug.


  • Scooter came up with the name.


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