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Body Type Ghost
Abilities Levitate
Episode First Shown in The Legend of Thunder
First Known Owner Marina
First Game Appeared in
Type Ghost
National Dex Number 200
Misdreavus evolves into Mismagius when exposed to a Dusk Stone.


Misdreavus is a floating, dark-bluish Pokemon. It has no arms or legs, but has what looks like a ruffled dress on the bottom of its body. It has several red, round gems around its neck. It has long 'hair' on its head, that are pink near the ends. Misdreavus's eyes are red, and have yellow irises.


Pokémon Tales Edit


  • Growl
  • Psywave
  • Spite
  • Astonish
  • Confuse Ray
  • Mean Look
  • Hex
  • Psybeam
  • Pain Split
  • Payback
  • Shadow Ball
  • Perish Song
  • Grudge
  • Power Gem

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