Mememon, pronounced me-may-mon, is Pug's first series on this wiki. It is written in comic format.



Class 01 (Main)Edit

Chespin is the main protagonist of Mememon. He has an exited personality, and is happy to occasionally troll his friends, Squirtle, Sausflame, and Torchic. His main enemy is Oliver Trolo. He has lots of muscles in his face, allowing him to mimic many meme faces. He is male.

Squirtle is Chespin's best friend. He is the second-to-main protagonist of the comics. He has the same sort of face muscles as Chespin, but not as many. He is male and has a butt-chin. Like Chespin, he hates Oliver, but who doesn't hate him? His personality is nice and kind.

Sausflame is male, and Chespin's friend. He is often very obnoxious, and when he gets mad the flames on his head grow fiercer. He has a love interest in Torchic. He often tries to protect her, even though she has a higher level than him.

Oliver was a very naughty human boy, and was sent to the Pokemon world to be taught a lesson. He became a Pikachu, as the human Gods predicted. But it turns out Oliver was an even worse Pokemon, being mean to everyone he sees. He often tags along with Chespin and co. He is male.

Torchic is a Pokemon who wants desperately to keep peace. Pokemon think this is because of her big brother, Blaziken, a well known bandit. Her best friend is Sausflame, but she doesn't realize that he has a crush on her. She is the only female in the group.

Class 02 (Recurring)Edit

A friend of Torchic's, Swinub joins the team from time to time.

Another friend of Torchic's, Quagsire helps the team now and then.

Chespin's girlfriend.

Class 03 (Minor)Edit

Swinub's lazy older brother. His only appearance was in Bandit Trouble.

Swinub and Piloswine's father. He only appeared in Bandit Trouble.


One of the most powerful villains, Swim Lord is well known for smashing rocks against his victims and dragging them to his lair. He is the main villain in Mememon.

Torchic's older brother, a well known bandit.


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