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Bulbasaur-Ridiculousness Jill

Magikarp Con Man is the third episode of Adventures in Kanto .


The story starts with Jill and Scott entering a Pokemon Center.

Jill: Alright Scott, just give Bulbasaur's Pokeball to the lady over there.

Jill points to a Pink-haired woman wiith a big smile on her face, Nurse Joy.

Scott walks over to the nurse. 

Scott: Excuse me, But do you think you could heal up my Bulbasaur?

Nurse Joy: Why of course I can! Just hand it's Pokeball to my Chansey.

A big, pink Pokemon walks over and Scott hands his Pokeball to it.

Scott: Cool! A Chansey.

Scott takes out his Pokedex and scans the Chansey.

Pokedex: Chansey, The Egg Pokemon. Chansey is a kind Pokemon, who shares its egg with injured Pokemon who need it.

Nurse Joy: There! Your Bulbasaur is fighting fit!

Nurse Joy hands Scott the Pokeball.

Scott: Thank you! 

Nurse Joy: Come back any time!

Scott releases his Pokemon from the ball and he and Jill begin to exit the center, but Jill stops.

Scott: What's the matter?

Jill: I just remembered that I need to do something.

Bulbasaur: Bulba!

Jill turns around and goes to the phone in the back of the Poke Center and dials it.

Scott: That girl is weird.

Man: Hey you! Little boy. Come over here!

Scott: What? Who said that?

Man: I'm over here!

Scott looks around and finds a tan man with white ribbon around his head.

Man: Can I interest you in a rare Magikarp?

Scott: What's a Magikarp?

The Man smiles.

Man: A Magikarp is the best Pokemon in the universe! It can created the universe, He  can jump through dimensions. Why, He is the king of the sea!

Scott: That's strange... I've never seen anyone use a Magikarp on TV before.

Man: Ah yes, that's because of how rare they are! Nobody's ever able to catch on!

Scott: But my Pokedex says all it can do is a splash attack and-

Scott gets interupted by the mysterious man.

Man: -A Splash attack! Don't you know how powerful that move is? It creates a giant Tsunami and Tidal Wave!

Scott's jaw drops with excitement. 

Scott: It does?

Man: Yes, It does!

Scott: I'll take it!

Man: That will be $600,000 dollars!

Scott: $600,000 DOLLARS!!

Bulbasaur: BULB, BULBASAUR!!

Man: Yep. For that low price I will give you one rare red Magikarp!

Scott: For that low price?? That price is insane!

Man: Fine. Since you're just a cheap little kid, I'll offer you another strong Pokemon.

Scott: What is it?

Man: A rare Remoraid from the Johto region!

Bulbasaur: Bulbasaur?

Scott: A Remoraid?

Man: Yes, a Remoraid!

Scott: Is it good?

Man: Is it good? IS IT GOOD? Remoraid are only one slot behind the Magikarp as being the best Pokemon in existance!

Scott: What moves can it learn?

Man: Why, only the very best!

Scott: Like what?

Man: Well like, Uh..... Um......Like Hyper Beam!

Scott: HYPER BEAM?? on T.V. I saw Steven Bush beat one of the elite four with Hyper Beam!

Man: Yep. It's because he used a Remoraid.

Scott: He used a Tyranitar.

Man: Yes, but my boy. Remoraid evolve into Tyranitars!

Scott: How much for the Remoraid?

Man: For you, how about your Pokedex?

Scott: Oh yeah, My Pokedex! I should scan Remoraid to see what else it can learn!

Scott takes out his Pokedex but the man swipes it from him before he could even turn it on.

Man: No refunds! Take your stupid fish!

The man takes out a Pokeball and shoves it into Scott's hands. He puts the Pokedex in his pocket and runs away.

Scott: Yay! I got myself a Remoraid!

Moments later, Jill walks back over to Scott.

Jill: Okay, i'm done. Thanks for waiting for me!

Scott: No it's fine! I caught myself a Pokemon!

Jill: You did? Here? In a building!

Scott: Well, I didn't catch is per se, but some guy sold it to me!

Jill: Somebody sold it to you?  Was he trying to sell you a Magikarp?

Scott: Oh yes! But it was waaaaaay to expensive.

Jill: You fool! The man was a con man! He always tricks people into buying Magikarp!

Scott: So I gave him my Podedex for nothing??

Jill: You gave him your Pokedex?! Don't you know how valuable those are!? Uugggg. We got to go back to Profesor Oak's so he can give you a new one.

Scott: Why?

Jill: Because, that's the only place you can get them!

Scott: Do you know Professor Oak?

Jill: Of course I do! Everybody in Kanto knows him! Plus, I work with him.

Scott: You work with Professor Oak!?

Jill: I just said that, Didn't I?

Scott: Um... Yeah

Jill: Come on kid, let's go.