This is the first 'Rocket Episode' of Zach's Kanto Journey.


The episode begins, with Lt. Blite in a dojo, training his Pokemon.

Lt. Blite: Weezing! Use Sludge Bomb! Beedrill, use Poison Jab! Vileplume, use Venoshock!

All of the Pokemon use their attacks, and destroy the practice dummies. New ones then take their place.

Lt. Blite: AGAIN!

The Pokemon do this, until they collapse from exhaustion.

Lt. Blite: Gah... you can do much better! Come on, GET UP!

The Pokemon struggle up.

Lt. Blite: Okay, one more time. This time, however... Weezing, use Hyper Beam! Beedrill, use Twinneedle! Vileplume, use Solarbeam!

The Pokemon unleash their attacks, and cause a massive explosion, destroying half the dojo.

Lt. Blite: I was hoping for more success, but that will do for now. Return.

Lt. Blite returns his Pokemon, and walks into a lab, as workers come and begin to repair the dojo. He grabs a Pokeball looking object, and places it in a strange spherical device. He then proceeds to make modifications to it, slowly shaping it and coloring it to where it looks like a Black and Red Pokeball, with a Rocket symbol on top.

Lt. Blite: Perfect... I have recreated the Rocket Ball. This one, however, should act like a Master Ball...

Someone walks in.

???: Good... Now, we must test it. Follow me.

Lt. Blite: Yes sir.

Lt. Blite follows him, and they walk into a courtyard with many Poison-type, Ground-type, and Normal-type Pokemon.

???: Now, Lieutenant. Try throwing it at the Venomoth.

Lt. Blite: Yes sir!

Lt. Blite throws the Rocket Ball, and it hits the Venomoth. It doesn't even move before it dings with capture.

???: It worked. It captures without fail... Just like a Master Ball...

Lt. Blite: Yes. I will easily recreate it. What should I do with the Venomoth?

???: Keep it. You have earned it.

Lt. Blite: Thank you, sir.

???: There is one mission I have for you before you start recreating the Rocket Balls.

Lt. Blite: What is it, sir?

???: ....Find and capture the kid before he can cause more trouble. Bring him straight to me.

Lt. Blite: Are you sure, sir? He seems like he'd easily be beaten, but what if...

???: Did you hear me? I am your leader. Now, go capture him.

Lt. Blite: Yes sir...

The episode fades with Lt. Blite walking out, and the leader standing alone in the courtyard.

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