Trainer Card Lt.Blite
Lt. Blite is a Lieutenant in the New Team Rocket, in Zach's Kanto Journey


Lt. Blite looks a lot like a younger Giovanni. He has a black suit with a red Rocket symbol on the left side. He has purple hair and brown eyes.


Lt. Blite used to be a nice, generous man. He loved his daughter, and loved all Pokemon. When the New Team Rocket formed, he joined them, and quickly became a Lieutenant, and got the idea stuck in his head that Pokemon are tools. He gave up all of his Pokemon and took Poison-Types. He is now a cruel, unforgiving man, who will do anything to get what he wants.


Lieutenant- Lieutenant in New Team Rocket.


Weezing- First Pokemon received from New Team Rocket, his most powerful.

Moves: Smog, Hyper Beam, Explosion, Sludge Bomb

Beedrill- Caught in Viridian Forest as a Weedle, he trained it to become his fastest Pokemon.

Moves: Pin Missile, Twinneedle, Poison Jab

Vileplume- Given to for reaching Lieutenant rank, it is his tank.

Moves: Energy Ball, Solarbeam, Venoshock

Venomoth- Caught as a test for his new and improved Rocket Ball.

Moves: Silver Wind, Poison Powder, Bug Buzz

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