Body Type Cat
Abilities Blaze, Intimidate (Hidden)
Episode First Shown in Alola to New Adventure!
First Known Owner Ash Ketchum
First Game Appeared in Sun/Moon
Type Fire
National Dex Number #725

Litten is the Fire Cat Pokémon. It is a Fire type Pokémon. Litten, along with Rowlet and Popplio, is a starter Pokémon in the games Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Litten looks like a small cat. It is fairly small, and mainly has black fur. Its legs have red stripes on them. On its head, it has something like a red capital H on its side. Its tail ends in a tuft of fur, similar to the one between its ears. It has yellow eyes with red cornea and black pupils. Litten stands at 1'04 feet tall, and weighs 9.5 pounds.

Known Moves Edit

  • Scratch
  • Ember
  • Growl
  • Lick
  • Leer
  • Fire Fang
  • Roar
  • Bite
  • Swagger
  • Fury Swipes
  • Thrash
  • Flamethrower
  • Scary Face
  • Flare Blitz
  • Outrage